10 red flags you’re dealing with a black sheep recruiter

Dealing with professional recruiters or 3rd party hiring professionals is not easy, especially if they are armed with unethical tricks and practises. I have 10 of the more common red flags and how to spot them.


Most hiring professionals provide a lot of value, but this post is not about those recruiters, head hunters and 3rd party professionals. This post is about the recruiting black sheep with tactics that range from lies to ethically grey practices to illegal activity (in approximate order of how common they are).


I regularly hear stories about ‘black sheep’ recruiting practises from my blog readers. I know how to separate the exaggerated and emotionally charged stories from the genuine feedback. I regularly stress with my readership that the majority of recruiters are true professionals and that they also have a long list of complaints regarding bad jobseeker practises.  It is clear that there is an increasing number of BLACK SHEEP who are just entering or are already working in the industry and it is upsetting to see how these types of hiring professionals who engage in poor practises  give the rest of the industry a bad reputation.


[slideshare id=31804579&doc=10redflagsyouredealingwithablacksheeprecruiter-140301175120-phpapp02]


Black sheep recruiters resort to the tactics like those shown in the 10 slides, often because they’re too lazy to confront the real challenges involved in finding and matching good people with good companies.

Check them out and be alert when you encounter one or more of these unethical practises. Don’t allow them to spoil your job search or career changing plans and when you are out there remember to hunt wisely!