10 Signs That You Should Change Jobs

We all know the feeling when we struggle to go to work.

You know that moment when the alarm goes off and you think, “Bugger, not again!” Personally, I usually can’t get started until I’ve had my 1st double shot coffee near the office. But, what if the dreaded feeling is about more than that? What if that negative feeling about your job follows you everywhere you go and invades your dreams? Does that mean it’s time to change jobs? Are you in trouble?

Here are 10 signs that you should change jobs.

#1 You’re just never really happy

There is no such thing as a perfect job but it’s important to experience more positives than negatives at work. Create an inventory and ask yourself questions like, “Do I want to work on my own or in a team?” and “Do I want to work on big projects or on the small stuff?” Very few employees have positions that give them 80% of what they want. But if your current job has 60 to 70% of the crucial qualities, then you’re at a pretty solid place. If you are below 50% on your work wish list, then consider checking out and finding a new job.

#2 You couldn’t care less

There’s nothing more draining than a job that has nothing to do with your real goals or personal interests. Even if it pays well, money definitely isn’t everything.  You’ll never fully enjoy your life or reach your full potential if you’re burdened with so much apathy. It will eventually affect other areas of your life and dim those as well.

#3 You have developed routines of slacking off. 

You’re usually a hard worker but lately you find yourself routinely slacking off and your work shows it. When you start slacking, it’s probably a clue that you’re simply not that interested anymore. Maybe you are the type of person who needs a job that inspires you or that you find fun. If you want your job to drive you and that definitely isn’t happening anymore then look for other work at other organisations.

#4 You can’t shake feeling stuck

If you feel like you’ve experienced it all, that there are no further opportunities where you work and moving up the ladder isn’t an option or hasn’t fulfilled you in any way, then it’s time to fire up your laptop and look for a new gig.

#5 No one cares about what you do 

If your company or your job feels ‘stuck’ and you tediously go about your duties largely invisible and without the excitement or recognition that you need, then it’s time to move on.

#6 You’re stressing about the future of your company

Even though you’re still standing after a few rounds of lay-offs, you are experiencing a permanent feeling of uneasiness. Don’t hang around. Hope and fear are your real enemies. Get out of there and look for something else while you still have a job!

#7 You’re bored out of your brain

Most employees believe that you either like or hate your job, but you don’t have to be in love with your work for it to be a good fit. You may be one of those people who just hang around. You find your work kind of boring or it doesn’t challenge you, but it affords you the opportunity to do other things that matter. Your 9-to-5 might allow you extra time in the evening to do more of that fun stuff like spending time with your family or friends, however, if your work is boring with NO real benefits, sticking around isn’t worth it.

#8 You really hate your boss

If your boss leaves you in a permanent state of panic or anger – so much so that you’re losing sleep – run! Run away screaming! …especially if they’ve been approached about these issues before and are in complete denial. A bad manager is the number one reason people change jobs.

#9 Anything sounds better than what you’re doing right now

When even your mate’s mediocre gig sounds more appealing than yours, then you’re ripe for a job change. Some people reach the point when they’d rather be doing anything other than their current job. Don’t be one of them! It’s a sign you’re obviously not happy and should start hunting for openings for something you actually see yourself doing, not just whatever comes along.

#10 You feel like an outcast

If you don’t fit in with how your company operates, or if you lost faith in what you’re doing and it makes you uncomfortable, it’s time to move on.

I deal with the subject every day. I’m not naïve. I know leaving your job is one of the hardest decisions to make (never mind one of the hardest actions to take), but your health and well-being depend on it.

Hope and fear are your real enemies – so get your checklist out and make a decision and when you start the new journey, remember to hunt wisely!