10 signs that you are a TIMEWASTER

Every job search or career change scenario is unique, but you’ll improve your situation if you avoid one or all of these timewasting scenarios. 

One of the most common questions I get asked by my readership or event audiences is, “How long will my job search take?” While there is no correct answer, one common formula Recruiter & Career Coaches use is the “One Month per $10K Equation.”


For every $10,000 in salary you want to make, you can expect one month of job search. So, if you want to make $60K, plan on a six-month job search, and so on. That isn’t to say you might land something much earlier or, perhaps, your skill set and experience make you sought after at the moment, but for a huge number of job seekers, this can be the sad reality.


But don’t be naïve to think that there aren’t other factors which will extend the length of your job search. The most common being various ‘Timewaster’ activities.

Recruiters and Hiring Managers expect you to present and communicate in an efficient manner and their tolerance is particularly low for people who are wasting their time.


Time is incredibly valuable as a Job Seeker, so don’t waste it. Start now and review my slide deck against your own activities. It’s simple – click on the blog image or click here to see the Top 10 Job Seeker Timewasters.


Once done, go back to your job hunting or career changing activities and remember to hunt wisely!