10 ways to get your emails noticed

Email is the universal business communication tool, yet so many emails go straight to the trash or remain unopened. I have 10 easy tips to ensure your name in the ‘from’ field becomes a stress reducer for your clients, colleagues and even your recruiter or hiring manager if you are job seeking.




If you are one of the poor souls who has to write or read hundreds of emails every week and if bad communication format and etiquette is driving you insane, then don’t despair! There is Help!

 [slideshare id=31150953&doc=10surewaystogetyouremailsnoticed-140212205320-phpapp02]


Starting today, let people know that you are adopting a new policy to lighten the load to ensure your communication matters. You can set an example and you can gradually train others to stop sending you useless emails. But it starts with you.

The better you send, the better you receive.

So , Check the slides and turn yourself into an EMail Champion and when you go back out there

remember to hunt wisely!