Big ideas to “regulate recruitment!”

Almost everyone who is exposed to or involved in a job seeking or recruiting process in Australia or New Zealand laments about the problems with the current practices and the handling of candidates and clients.

The number of rookie and un-skilled Recruiting services increases every year and their practices exacerbate the bitterness at both ends of the table. Both clients and candidates are increasingly fed up with the system.


The mutual expectations of employment agencies, the job seekers who are placed by them and the client or host companies with whom they are placed are worsening every year, despite the fact that we have a fairly healthy job market in Australia and New Zealand. (compared to the shocking news from the USA or many parts of Europe)


The current system is largely driven by tough transactional regimes and out dated candidate selection processes, as a result of reliance on legacy software solutions and un-skilled operators who continue to work in this sensitive human resource field. There is no control and no governance and the losers are the job seekers and the clients.

We need a reform and that is why I would like to re-post an excellent article from Luke Collard in the BIG IDEAS section of my blog.  I am a big fan of the blog editors, Craig & Luke, and I would like to recommend that we support and drive the suggested changes.  Click here for the blog post.