5 Tips for Jobseekers with a ‘Thin’ Resume

So you need to start looking for a job, but haven’t got much to put on your resume. You could be a new job seeker, just dipping your toe into the waters for the first time. What do you put on your resume? What is good information and what is just a waste of space?

Or you could be a mature age job seeker who is changing careers or jobs for the first time in a long time. You may have valuable experience at your last job spanning 5, 10 or even longer. But employers are used to seeing people with multiple jobs or several careers under their belt. So how do you best leverage and show off this experience?

We’ll give you ideas and techniques that you can use to best overcome these challenges. When reading through this post, just ask yourself if these can apply to your situation. With that being said: enjoy!





So there you have it. Some of these things almost seem like common sense: and they are. While other techniques venture into the world of social recruiting and networking. If all of it is too daunting or frustrating seek professional help, but don’t waste time doing the same old thing over and over again.  Most importantly, remember to hunt wisely!