Australian recipe to win the next election: “Smart people hire the unemployed”

G’day Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott and all of the rest of the smart politicians in Australia.  Here is a recipe to guarantee your party new and everlasting votes at the upcoming election in September 2013.

It is a very simple, low cost concept, super easy to promote and makes lots of sense even if it is promoted by guys like Bob Katter or Warren Truss. Here it is …

“Smart people hire the unemployed”

(or at least they should)


Drum up all your CEOs, business owners and operators as well as the new entrepreneurs and tell them about it. Tell them that you have a “silver bullet” which could save time and money and lower employee turnover rates at any company, organization or business and I guarantee you, they will not only listen to you, but also vote for you. And here is the best part. All of their new formerly unemployed employees will also vote for you! How does that sound?

And when you have their ear, take your pitch up another notch and show them how to increase profits, orders, donations, services to their customers and all the rest. Would it be worth your time?


Well, listen up.

You know how it often works out. Anyone out there who is unemployed and has been looking for a while has encountered the bias of employers passing them over in favour of people currently working.  The hiring professionals cite that they are getting their marching orders from the business owners or CEOs because people who are unemployed are perceived as not being up to speed, not current or just plain lazy and unqualified.

You know the wrap – I am sure you’ve heard it before…


To tell you the truth, in a bit of a strange way, I admire the recruiting guys who actually admit their bias.  As someone seeking work, it is far better to know where not to waste my time, than to try to uncover whether or not an employer is weeding out candidates based on unemployment status.

I know from experience that most CEOs have done their homework (or have asked someone to do it for them) and know such practices are neither immoral nor illegal.  But, listen up, I have some news for you.  Here is what you may not know…

What you are doing is bad business and we all know what’s really driving the decision.  It’s the bottom line.  Money talks.  Right?

So, I am going to be a smarty pants for a few minutes and look at this from your big chair at the head of the board table. Oh, and for my Job-Seeker blog audience who are unemployed and are keen to play along at home who, you should listen too.


Profit is the key driveror at the very least, supporting non-profits, providing financial funding to educational institutions, or supplying taxes for government services are done to keep the ball rolling, so to speak.  Everyone is keen to know the dollars they spend today will return to keep their business in the black, not put them in the red.

Am I making sense so far?   Nothing Earth shattering so far.  But how do you do it?  The economy is doing fairly ok, thanks to our minerals boom, but we definitely have some problem areas like retail, automotive and the print industry.  It also looks like there is a trend for things to get worse if we don’t get smarter about how we do things.  How can you speed up the process?  How can you make gains this quarter and the next?


Are you still with me?  Here is the secret!


If you want the economy to remain stable or even grow (without the books being fudged); if you want to add money to your budget rather than slash it; if you want investment in your business; if you want consumers to buy your products; if you want people to donate to your cause; then HIRE SOMEONE WHO IS UNEMPLOYED.


Hiring more of the unemployed would be like watching the puzzle pieces fit together.  Imagine all those unemployed people becoming meaningfully employed… They:

  • could stop collecting unemployment — paid for by tax dollars — and start contributing to the tax base.
  • can pay their bills so they don’t accumulate more debt and end up filing for bankruptcy leaving their banks or lenders in the lurch.
  • are suddenly able to pay their mortgages on time and avoid foreclosure.
  • can suddenly afford the inflated rental rates again.
  • spend money, pay for goods and services and contribute to charitable causes.
  • become consumers and stimulate the economy.
  • stop draining CentreLink, Medicare or other Government services.
  • start saving and investing.
  • get back into actively contributing to retirement plans.
  • are able to invest in stocks and government bonds, potentially leading to market gains and increased revenue from government bonds, resulting in more funding for infrastructure projects, thereby creating additional jobs.


I may know what you’re thinking – I might even hear your protest — “they’ll just leave when the economy gets better” or “they’re not going to stick around for the long term” or “they’re just waiting for a better job or higher pay”.


I know that you’re busy, so here is my “closing statement” or reality check.

The economy isn’t getting better any time fast unless people get jobs and start working.

As for looking for long term employees, check out the average time the people who are unemployed have worked for their previous employers and then look at that candidate of yours who is already employed.  Which of the two has a better record of long term employment and loyalty?  Besides, if that candidate you are looking at is willing to jump ship to work for you, who is to say they aren’t going to leave you for the next passing opportunity?


I’m pretty confident a newly employed, former long-term unemployed worker would be hungry, thankful and loyal for meaningful work.  These people have dealt with trying to make ends meet on a fraction of what they previously earned.  They had to deal with the stigma and other negative attributes associated with unemployment — and I can bet they aren’t keen to return there any time soon.

So, Julia, Tony, Christine, Warren, Bob  and all you other smart and savvy Aussie politicians out there:

Do you still think it’s smart for business operators to pass over the person who is unemployed to fill a vacant job?

You have an amazing opportunity to gain votes and win the next election.  Will you take advantage of it?  Are you going to waste your money on other election promises because they are easier?  Are you committed to the future of your fellow Australians?  Will you speak to the business operators of Australia?


Please let me know what you plan on doing so I can put my tick in the right box on 14 September 2013.   I’ll wake up early to ensure that you get my vote!  I promise.

Hunt wisely!