How to Escape Stereotyping in your Job Search

We all know that job searching sucks and one of the big de-motivators during the job hunt is the regular stereotyping. Why do you get stereotyped and how do you avoid it during your job search and job interview? Read more

How to find a gay friendly workplace in Australia

Small & large businesses are doing more each year to ensure their workplace is inclusive of gay and lesbian employees, after large companies dominated a list of the most gay-friendly organisations in 2012 -2013 – How do you find a Gay friendly employer and what is the best way to contact them if you are looking for a gay friendly workplace? Read more

Tackling the dreaded “So what Do You do?” networking question


so what do you do

the dreaded networking question pops


What do You do when the all so annoying,   “So what do you do” question pops?..

How do you answer it properly when you are networking for business or a new job? Read more

Didn’t get the Job? …. Go Get Feed Back!

Bugger – it is frustrating, isn’t it, when you thought you’d nailed that job interview and then they call you to tell you that you weren’t the one they hired. What went wrong, what were they thinking?  It pays to find out so I have 3 tips how to get feedback after an unsuccessful job Interview.

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Why Working in Australia or New Zealand Could be Your Best Career Move

Ultimately, the decision to look for work abroad can be refreshing, modern and adventurous.

The number of people who choose to look for a job abroad is increasing.  Working in another country can offer a great experience and the chance to learn a lot in a professional, social and cultural capacity.   Read more

I hate my job. Does that sound familiar?…


So You hate your job?.. You are one of many people who spend 40 or more hours a week in jobs they can’t stand. Having to complete work we dread, helping colleagues we loathe or dealing with bosses who are driving us mad can be enough to make any of us miserable. Maybe you have muttered I hate my job under your breath at work. Maybe you have even said it while venting your frustration with your friends. So, what are you doing about it? Read more

Is recruiting the Game of Lies or is it still real professional matchmaking?

I found my best jobs with the help of professional recruiters and I managed to solve some of my most difficult staffing issues with recruiting experts. Am I living in the past?

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Job and Career Networking in Australia and New Zealand

The Hidden Job Market Part III

Job Seekers in Australia and New Zealand want relevant info to learn what the ‘Hidden Job Market’ really is, how it works and more importantly how they can access it.The keys to the Hidden Job Market are networking and relationships. I have four simple methods to show you how to turn the keys to create job and career leads and open doors leading to your next job. Read more

3 Essential Steps to Networking … The Hidden Job Market Part II

Have you started exploring the ‘Hidden Job Market’ yet and are you building a network of contacts? Or are you still relying on the same-old-same-old of applying to advertised openings to land that next job? I’m sure you’ve heard of the Hidden Job Market. However, I think it’s worth a reminder that there are many unfilled and un-advertised jobs. So the idea is to work on your networking skills so you can meet people who can hire you before a job is made available through the traditional channels. Read more