Meet Peter Snell

Peter Snell is the Executive Director of Stirling Henry Global Migration, a specialist immigration firm that has been helping corporations and individuals navigate the complex Australian immigration system for more than 20 years.

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Meet Allan Sparkes

I am very honoured to introduce Guest Editor Allan Sparkes CV,VA – a real Australian Hero – an Inspirational Speaker and Author  of – The Cost of Bravery

Allan is also an Ambassador for Allan Sparkes offers great insight, advice and encouragement on adversity and his guest contribution is far better than anything I could ever pen for you on this subject.

Allan Sparkes was the first Australian police officer to be awarded Australia’s highest decoration for bravery, the Cross of Valour.  He had no idea his rescue of a young boy from a flooded storm water system would culminate in the ignominious end of his police career.  His life hung in the balance. Allan is a  a brutally frank and honest author and he does not hold back in his account of what happened to him. His guest contribution is a valuable insight into the debilitating mental illnesses of post traumatic stress disorder and chronic depression, caused by 20 years of exposure to the horrors and  trauma of police work and his subsequent experiences with job loss and depression.  It is also a love story; a story of an incredible relationship with his wife and children that was tested in ways that few could ever contemplate.

Meet Roger Gray

Roger is an experienced MD in the  FMCG and Print Media Marketing industry and one of the industries key thinkers on the subjects of Leadership, Change Management and Supply Chain Optimisation. Roger works for organisations with large and complex supply chains as an expert on adoption of Culture & Human Resource methodologies and not to forget a damn fine manager. Roger has recently started blogging about Recruitment, Leadership, Change Management and Supply Chain Optimisation related issues.  He’s a contributor to the editors at thedyslexicjobseeker (TDJS) and various Industry forum groups such as LinkedIn and the Logistics Association of Australia (LAA). Roger also hosts various speaker and consulting events with the Contributors at TDJS. Check him out on LinkedIn.  Not up to speed in the social media game? Reach out via [email protected].  Roger has an MBA from the University of Melbourne  and a Masters of Business in Integrated Logistics from RMIT.  He also earned his stripes at the Institute of Directors in New Zealand and as Operations Manager for the Sydney Olympic & Paralympic games in 2000. Not enough yet? If you want to know more about Roger   Read more

Meet Melony dos Remedios

Melony dos Remedios is the Fitness Services Director 

for Anytime Fitness Australia

Melony’s day gig is one of the best jobs in the world.  She designs and delivers the everyday marketing for over 260 fitness clubs. Her marketing insights and experience fuel their own drive toward achieving their outcomes. By and large, our members are self-starters. They don’t require large servings of external motivation. They don’t require huge amounts of external support. They find what they need from with-in. They know what they want and, usually with our initial help, they know how to achieve their goals. It’s simple, really. “At Anytime Fitness, my mission is to help people thrive through a fit and active lifestyle,” says Melony.

Melony is also a regular consultant and speaker at industry and corporate events, assisting individuals and companies to achieve life balance, healthy lifestyles and  staff engagement to drive greater results and loyalty. Read more

Meet Scott Butler

Scott Butler is the MD of Butler HR.  Scott’s mission is to humanise the relationships between Hiring Manager & Employee to drive greater employee engagement and loyalty. Scott’s practice supports recruitment across the Illawarra, South Coast & Southern Highlands of NSW.  He has extensive sourcing experience having worked in Sydney and Wollongong for over 20 years. He also performs regular contract sourcing for mining, manufacturing, professional services and larger NFPs, and got his start in the profession while a full life cycle recruiter at Centacom Staff (now Adecco).    No truth to the rumour that he has a side business as gifted consultant & speaker to help you push your staff engagement to drive greater results and loyalty.

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