interview questions you need to ask your recruiter

20 Interview Questions to ask Your Recruiter to Seal The Deal!

A job interview is a two way street and you will only seal the deal if you ask the right interview questions yourself. Read more

redundancy and resignation no reason for shame

Four Expert Tips on How to Answer Awkward Redundancy Questions in Job Interviews

Those moments when the “But why?” questions pop up are never pleasant. Prepare an answer for why you had a redundancy or why resignation was the reason for leaving your last job, but whatever you do don’t apologise, say our experts. Read more

Bad Job Survival Tips

5 Simple Hacks to Tough Out a Bad Job

A former career coaching client called me last week to tell me, ”I am in a bad Job – I need to get out of this company – my boss is a lunatic – can you help me again?” I told her to save her money and instead offered her 5 simple hacks to tough out a bad job. Read more

resume hacks

5 Simple Resume Hacks to Get Noticed & Secure Job Interviews

My most recent Melbourne based client – let’s call him “John” – reckons he has applied for more than a couple hundred jobs online since being made redundant late last year and hearing back from exactly… none. John had no awareness of some very useful resume hacks which could have scored him job interviews. Read more

healthy and fit job hunter

Why Healthy & Fit Job Hunter (s) Get New Jobs Faster

I’ve worked with so many job hunter clients over the years whose life goals vary from a career change, to a new job, across to weight loss, stress management, six packs and everywhere in between. But I’ve noticed again and again when it comes to job seeking that fit and healthy clients most often achieve their goals faster. Read more

Go hire a Job Hopper

There Is No Risk To Hire a Job Hopper !

I think it’s time for employers and recruiters in Australia and elsewhere to talk about job hopper (s). I believe employers need to adjust or correct their view on the fast paced and ever changing world of job seeking. Don’t worry! I’m not talking about teaching an old dog new tricks. I am talking about the ‘job hopper’ stigma. Read more

courage will beat talent in your job search

Why Courage Always Wins the Job Search over Talent

One of the most inspiring lines for people on the job search is “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” I know that courage and ambition are the most important tools to achieving success, overriding both talent and experience by far, especially if you are embarking on a new job search. Read more

10 powerful Networking tools

10 Powerful Ways to Connect and Networking With Almost Anyone

Let’s face it. Networking is tough – on or offline; via email, Inmail (LinkedIn) or other social media, like Facebook or Twitter; or the dreaded in-person networking situation. To help you out, I have 10 conversation starters that will work almost everywhere with almost anyone. Read more

why HR is female

Why HR is Female Dominated – On Being a Male Human Resources Professional

Ok, I admit upfront that having an extended conversation about the seeming problem of HR being a female domination of one particular management discipline is a challenging thing to consider and discuss, but I always wondered why HR is predominately female. Let me share my thoughts Read more


When do Hiring Managers Know They Have Found a ’Leader’?

Hiring managers who search for leaders look for a very simple signal to decide if they have found the right candidate or not. Read more