How To Avoid Rookie Recruiters

A Field Guide To Spotting A Recruiter And Avoiding Rookies 


For most businesses or job hunters, dealing with a recruitment agencies is a regular feature of their hiring campaign or job search. A good recruitment agent is harder to find these days as the industry is notorious for making bad hires. Says Greg Savage one of Australia’s leading recruiting experts. We don’t train that well either as a rule, and our own staff turnover is often a disgrace says Greg. Yet there is another problem, which might at first seem counter-intuitive.


When we make a bad hire, often we are slow to put it right. We hold on to under-performing people for too long. This is one of the many reasons why the reputation of the industry is going down the drain. We regularly hear stories from Hiring Managers & Job Hunters who are so fed up dealing with rookie recruiters that they increasingly search for alternatives.


The recruitment industry in Australia & New Zealand is unregulated, and as with any profession, you’ll find plenty examples of good, bad and ugly operators. A vital step when embarking on a hiring campaign or a job search is assessing which is which.


I have a simple field guide to explain the various Recruiter Types. Check it out and if the problems with Rookies persist – contact us – we have a solution as we are working on…. CHANGING THE WAY PEOPLE FIND WORK 

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Good Luck searching and remember to hunt wisely!