How To Score Nearly 100% Acceptance with Your New LinkedIn Connection Requests

Thank You! I guess I got your attention. Well first, let’s agree on one thing up front.  Sending out blind cold LinkedIn Connection Requests are NOT — and, I repeat — NOT what professional networking or social selling is all about.   Sending out an automated “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” is not only lame, it also sends signals that you are not that genuine after all.

My tips provide a methodical, simple approach to creating engagement with your targeted connections.  Your new mission is not to “spray and pray” connection requests.  Your new mission is to find unique opportunities to ENGAGE and HELP your audience, which in return will drive a warm, genuine and professional network connection.

Second, what I’m going to share with you does work.  I have spent many years perfecting my formula and have found that based on the industry you’re connecting, pitching or maybe even selling to, the percentage can go up or down. I use my LinkedIn primarily to network and, when required, as a tool to connect, pitch, offer free advice and more to people and professionals from all walks of life.

Here is how it works:

So, I hope you enjoyed this and found it useful . . . Feel free to share with anyone in your network. Maybe even use this simple Guide as a segue to generate new connections.  Does it work?  I would say a 99% success rate indicates the answer is yes!  It’s not who you know, it’s who wants to know you. 

Now, the last and final question to complete this formula is:

How can I drive LinkedIn profile views to generate Leads?

That’s a great topic for the next blog post – coming soon.  So, in the meantime, why don’t you get started with some smart connection requests? Good Luck and remember to hunt wisely!