Job Search

Job search – or seeking new employment is not restricted to the unemployed. Job Search explores the various scenarios, situations and profiles of job seeking.

A common jobseeker feedback is that many out there would have enjoyed or managed their job search more effective if they had known more about how it was going to turn out.

Hope and Fear are the Enemies of Good Marketing.

We know you are in control of your destiny and you should only work with what you know! Don’t wait for miracles. They don’t happen –at least not in the job world.

This might not appeal to you, but imagine yourself during your Job-search period as a salesperson. You are effectively marketing and selling yourselves. We highlight the useful steps in the process for you. Just pick what suits you best.

One aspect of a stressful job search is not knowing how it will end, or how long it will take. It’s impossible to put a time frame on a typical job search, but there are very distinct phases and activities typical to successful job searches. Tracking where you are and celebrating your progress will support you as you secure your next job. And remember, wherever you are in your job search, keep your focus on pursuing multiple channels at the same time and use your time strategically on activities that bring you the best results.