Job Search Alternatives for Job Worriers

Handling bad job news is not easy. How should you deal with the negative broadcasts around you and are there other alternatives to secure your job or find new work?


Let’s start with the bad news. Since the start of the new year CSIRO, Telstra, Qantas, Holden, Toyota, Alcoa, Cootes and Rio Tinto all recently announced major job cuts, redundancies, plant closures or cost cutting bargaining agreements. Eight companies in seven different industry sectors who are adding thousands of newly un-employed workers to the economy and the bad news about further job losses keep coming day by day.


There is a good chance that some of these recently or soon-to-be unemployed will compete with you for work in the near future. Are you getting worried? Well, maybe you should, or maybe not!?


I have learned over the years that if you constantly absorb bad news and allow it to take over your life, that it becomes your reality. But, if you focus on combining your talents with other people, ideas and solutions, then your worries will become obsolete. So, my friends, if you are bothered by the news, why don’t you step off the beaten path and check out these 2 job search alternatives to discover some greener pastures?


Alternative No. 1 – Use social media to job search

The modern day job hunt is no longer a simple newspaper and online jobs board search. The job market has evolved and with it the ability to use rich social spaces to connect with and attract potential employers. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

In social media, you are no longer just a commodity – you are actually an asset and best of all, you no longer just make your first impression with impeccable presentation and a handshake. Your new and enhanced initial impact is now made through Google. So, I strongly suggest, that you try out this first alternative search path but beware, there are still a number of recruiters out there who are catching up on the technology.

That said, don’t worry, instead focus on the guys who embrace technology and change. So get cracking and start with:


Creating a positive digital footprint


  • Ego-surf – check out as much as you can about yourself including images by Googling yourself
  • Un-tag yourself in inappropriate posts or photos
  • Ensure to clean up your online act and anything that negatively impacts your job seeking goals
  • Use privacy settings smartly – hide the negative and highlight all your positives
  • Create smart online profiles to show your skills and experience and keep them up to date
  • Get involved in professional forums or blogs, join the discussion, and then…

Chirp your availability with Twitter


  • Create a professional Twitter account if you are already established on a personal Twitter level and ensure not to mix the two
  • Create a clear bio (make good use of the 160 characters) – show what you have to offer and what you are looking for
  • Follow industry experts and contributors you’re interested in and participate in discussions and communities that have meaning to you
  • Participate & contribute and ensure to keep it professional
  • Link to professional online content, forums or profiles such as LinkedIn
  • Promote your personality and showcase your interests and style to show that there is more to you
  • If you’re new to Twitter, familiarise yourself with the lingo and functionality and use Twitter Job Search app for your job hunt

 Branch out with Facebook


  • Australia has the largest utilisation of Facebook for commercial use in the world so make it a vital part of your search strategy and follow & interact with potential employers of interest
  • Facebook, like LinkedIn, are good tools to research hiring managers so why don’t you start
  • Reach out to your Facebook network by regularly updating your job search status and goals
  • Use the Facebook app BranchOut to create a professional profile and work timeline

Use LinkedIn properly

  • No selfies! Only use professional photos and ensure to craft your profile tagline
  • When you search job vacancies through LinkedIn jobs – check how old the ads are (LinkedIn seems to struggle with updates) and don’t get side tracked by the incessant info graphics and automated messages
  • If you follow organisations or individuals you’re interested in, don’t stalk them.  Ensure to maintain meaningful connections. It’s not who you know, it’s who wants to know you!
  • Find & connect with industry job seeking groups for search tips and opportunities
  • Connect with individuals from your fields of interest if you know them or by asking a common connection to introduce you and refrain from random in-mails and connection requests
  • Collect skill endorsements and recommendations from colleagues, managers and other professionals who know your abilities and ensure you have a good mix – don’t overdo it!
  • Attend to LinkedIn with care and measure – don’t become a LinkedIn junkie – the portal is good but it is not the Holy Grail (my personal opinion). There are many other social media solutions such as:


Alternative No 2 – Career Blogs 

  • Start by searching, following and replying to helpful Career blogs that offer links to jobs, networking opportunities or simply relevant job search advice
  • Or maybe showcase your expertise and opinion in your own blog or utilise an e-portfolio
  • If you do start a blog keep your posts regular and relevant to your audience and most importantly offer free advice


If all this is a bit too nerdy for you, try out blogs like Beers Blokes & Biz to test the blogging world and if you are too busy and too stressed out, listen to their latest iTunes podcasts. You will be amazed at what you can discover in smart blogs.


 Alternative No 3 – New Job sites & New Job Apps


I know I know, it’s not easy to keep track of everything, but if you are serious about your job search start by keeping up to date with the world of new job apps and job sites around you. Forget about portals like Seek, My Career and One Career and try out alternatives.


All you have to do is subscribe to nerdy nerd blogs like to get the latest app update and if that is not for you subscribe to BRW or the Business & Technology section in the SMH for regular updates on new jobsites and recruiting solutions.


The future of the job search and recruiting belongs to the smart and tech savvy entrepreneurs who understand and value what matters to the job seeker of the 21st century.

Numerous Australian entrepreneurs have already proven to the world that the future of the job market is no longer in the hands of the large jobsites and recruiting portals. Solutions such as Freelancer, 99designs and RecruitLoop have all started small and now trade with millions of clients across the globe. There are tons of new Australian job sites and I am confident that many of the newcomers will follow the success of the before-mentioned founders as they all seek to change the job market without the need for outdated processes and expensive recruiting service providers.

So my friends, you can choose to hang out with all the other cows on the fenced field or venture over to the world of democratised job apps, geo location job portals and workable job sites to score yourself a new job.

Check out these Australian made sites to start the journey:

  • GoGettaJob if you are new to the job market or jobs4teens if you’re still in your teens
  • Side Racket if you want to do more of what you love and work on amazing projects
  • Lifestyle Careers if you are craving for choice and want to work for flexible employers and businesses who attract a diverse workforce including mature age workers, those in remote communities, parents and people with disabilities.
  • WORKible the ‘LinkedIn’ of the flexible workforce and one shift if you are seeking casual or part time employment or ODesk for work from your desk at home or some freelancing
  • The Search Party if you are a skilled IT  professional who is seeking meaningful employment
  • RecruitLoop if you want to deal with a recruiter who cares and, if you are worried about age discrimination and the bias against mature age job seekers, go to Adage

All these new Australian concepts, solutions, jobsites and apps are just a fraction of what you can use as an alternative to the usual job boards and aggregator job sites. Don’t be a Timewaster and stop placing all your eggs in just one basket. Job sites are so yesterday and writing hundreds of job applications to outdated ATS driven recruiting firms or job portals is not how you should try to find a meaningful new job.

Get cracking guys – get with it – live the future – step onto the new path and discover greener pastures.  And remember, when you are out there to hunt wisely!