Why so many people fail on LinkedIn

With over 800 million users, LinkedIn has become by far the most ubiquitous professional network for connecting with colleagues and mentors, building personal brands, sharing stories, eliciting interest from potential customers, clients, recruiters and hiring managers, and more. Yet over 50% of all LinkedIn users fail when they use their LinkedIn profile.

MrCareerTick will show you why they fail and what you need to do to get ahead of the competition on LinkedIn. This is a catchy podcast with insights and tips on the topic of personal branding and job hunting with LinkedIn.

How To Decipher the Cliches in Job Ads

It may be a candidate’s market, and there are lots of recruiters and HR professionals who are talking about “The Great Resignation” boom, but today’s job seekers still face nuanced challenges in the quest to find their perfect role.

Job-search websites make it easier than ever to discover open positions at desirable companies – but not all job postings are created equal. Many job ads contain language that has a revealing subtext, with certain terms potentially masking a more toxic truth about that future workplace.

Uli Schild deciphers 25 of the most common clichés in job ads and tells you what to do So You can Get the Jobs You Deserve.

The MrCareerTick Way to Find Joy in Your Work

People reach out to me in many ways.

I regularly receive emails, Instagram messages, LinkedIn messages, and a lot of calls from individuals who are trying to figure out why they lost their mojo at work. For many, they are trying to find ways how to reconnect with the work they once loved.

There are many challenges these individuals face, but it most often boils down to one real issue. They contact me because they want to find joy in work again.

How does one find joy in work again?

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How To Find Employers with Good People & Culture

Let’s face it, many companies have cool products or services, hip and modern offices and if you’re lucky even great locations.

But really good companies have all that and then they also have good people and good company culture.

So How Do You Find Employers with Good People & Culture so you can hang there for a while and create the career you deserve?

In this 29-minute podcast MrCareerTick aka Uli Schild will give you the low-down with 3 simple steps and a punchy tick – list – so you can find an employer with good people & culture and secure the job you deserve.

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What You Really Need To Know About The Hiring Guys in HR

To be an effective job hunter you must learn how to exercise intellectual empathy, meaning you must learn how to think like the person on the other end of the table.

But don’t worry .. This podcast is not about Recruiters!

It’s all about the guys who do the hiring inside the HR Department and they are called The Talent Acquisition Team

These are the guys who are responsible for the job ads and the pre-selection and interviewing and for most parts also the hiring of the right candidates.

I am going to tell you in this podcast

  • What you need to know about the Talent Acquisition guys
  • How to reach out to them without being fobbed off
  • How to get through to them,
  • How to get shortlisted for an interview
  • and most importantly …How to ensure that You Get The Job You Deserve!

How To Spot Bad Career Advice So You Can Ignore It!

Job searching sucks, we all know that and the whole search today isn’t what it was decades ago when our parents were way ahead and building careers for themselves. Yes, Yes we all know, it isn’t even the same as it was when I embarked upon my first search many years ago.

While some things seem to stand the test of time—can you imagine not needing a resume? —others are best left in the past – especially bad career advice. No one needs it and no one wants it!

As new industries and roles surface, the hunt must change as well. MrCareerTick aka Uli Schild offers his thoughts and insights How To Spot Bad Career Advice So You Can Ignore It. The type of advice that is not going to get you ahead, much less get you a job offer. Enjoy this 20-minute podcast and ensure to take some notes!

The reasons you were not hired and what to do about it

✨Job hunting is definitely a numbers game, simply because your resume is…

a: competing with hundreds of other applicants, and b: pre-screened by the ATS software, but strategy, rather than luck, is what makes it successful.

If you’re aiming blindly, you’ll find that you’ll repeatedly get rejected or worse, ghosted. 😨

Rather than burying yourself in another round of job sites with your applications, it’s better to take a step back and troubleshoot the real reasons why you’re not getting hired. 💯

✨Listen to today’s podcast and I’ll show you the top reasons why you are not considered and, more importantly, what you need to do to change that so you can get the job you deserve!

When You Don’t Care What They Think, You Are Ready

Are You Concerned About What The Others Might Think Or Say?!

How are these pants going to make me look? What will my colleagues think if I spoke up about this or that? Are those co-workers talking bad behind my back? If I take this job, what will my friends and family think of me?

Uli Schild aka MrCareerTick shows you in this 25-minute podcast:

  • How To Stop Giving a F*ck What People Think
  • How To Pursue The Career & Search and Apply for the Jobs You Really Want
  • And how to work towards Living the Life & The Career You Want



How to Get Ahead of all the Freelancers in 2022

Whether you like it or not, Covid19 has doubled the Freelancer competition, which was already pretty fierce. The competition will continue to grow and in this Covid ravaged global economic climate, Freelancers and Gig-Hustlers will be battling to stay afloat like never before. With so much competition, how do you come out on top? How do you get noticed above everyone else and ensure you’re winning the clients?
Uli Schild will show you 5 simple solutions to Get Ahead of All the Other Freelancers in 2022 and Beyond.

Why now is the best time to change careers

There are many excellent reasons why right now is the perfect time to consider a career change, as the world continues its recovery from COVID.

As business and the economy moves to open up once more, companies have been forced to become increasingly flexible in the work environments they cultivate. And I want to show you how you can use this to your advantage.

I’ll walk you through why people want to network with you, the job and career opportunities that are out there, and most importantly, I’ll explain why working from home is the perfect place to start planning your next career move.