Personal Branding – How a Single Sentence Can Get You a Job

When you see one of those cool Smart Cars, what comes to your mind? Most likely the carmakers cool design, but more often the catchy brand proposition: “Keep it Simple – Reduce to the Max.” Mercedes has changed the way we consume cars and made us think differently about cool concept driving. Do what they do – have a brand promise: a personal brand to get the next cool job.

What is a personal brand?

Simply put, your brand is the statement that explains not just who you are, but how you stand out from others in your field. Take Nike and Adidas: They both sell tons of cool sports gear, but they tell totally different stories of their brand. Nike’s tagline, “Just do it,” rev up even the most unmotivated buyer to see themselves on a running track in Nike gear. Adidas’s most iconic tagline, “Impossible is Nothing,” says you dictate what you can do, like the hero that you are, and the Adidas gear will help you to achieve the impossible.

Market yourself as a brand!

I remember a day in 2009, when I was asked to join a senior team to brainstorm a way out of a major cultural crises in the company I worked for. The meeting was finger-pointy and tiring and at one stage the CEO summed it all up. What we need is a Change Maker – someone who has ideas and takes us through this. Who is most suited to do the job – find him or her and get him started!?  Five of the seven managers in the room looked at me and from hat day on I realised how my peers and managers saw me. I realised my calling and it became my brand. I called myself The Change Maker.

Market yourself as if you’re one of these companies (think of it this way – if corporations are people, then people are also corporations, right?).In fact – I always argue, that the real success comes from people. So – go out there and highlight to anyone who wants to hear it with a personal brand statement what makes you.

Your personal brand should be catchy, simple, and most of all, authentic and truthful.

Hiring Managers Will Finally Find You

Hiring Professionals know what kind of person they’re looking for when they post a job ad. Get your resume to the top of the pile by including our personal brand statement on your resume in a “Introduction Summary” section. It’s like a thesis statement: it declares what you’re about right up front, helps recruiters find you, and shows them that you’re the one they have in mind. Using your personal brand on LinkedIn is also a great way to get picked up on a recruiter’s radar.

Get remembered for the right reason

Even after hiring managers narrow down the pool of candidates, companies still have to interview a number of people  to secure “the right guys”. How can you stand out in an interviewer’s memory?

I am sure you have heard that oldie icebreaker “So tell me a little bit about yourself” is a common interview starter before the grilling about your strengths and weaknesses. I suggest, that you always Kick it off with your personal brand statement, then substantiate it with experience examples that reinforce that value proposition. These simple statements will help any interviewer to remember you for the right reasons, and will distinguish you from other candidates.

Personal Branding is the most effective Networking tool

I know – that old chest nut – but it’s true – Networking plays a vital part in finding a job, and most people in your networks want to help you. But your 500 LinkedIn connections is not your main selling tool.  A personal brand on the other hand gives people in your network a clear, succinct idea of who you are, the value you bring to companies, and how to pitch you to those companies.

It’s that simple. Because you’ve provided your network contacts with an easy way to market you, you’ll be at the top of your connections’ mind when they’re making recommendations.
If you don’t have a personal brand yet, get started – it’s really easy. Begin making “Me, PTY.” today by completing the sentence “I am passionate about …” Keep editing the statement until you have a witty and honest personal brand that’s no longer than a tweet. The go out and start to look for a new job and always remember to hunt wisely!


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