Search Companies Instead of Jobs to Secure Better Employment!

If you are tired of traditional job searching without results, don’t conduct a traditional job search. Instead, conduct a company search. This way you solve two problems in one go – new job + better job! Let me explain.

The best companies out there, the kinds of businesses you really want to work for, hire people that are the right fit for their company goals and culture. That’s why they are so great to work for; you’re surrounded by people who like to work just like you do. These companies tend to hire based on attitude/personality first and then skills and experience.  If the company has people, a culture, a product line and a future that appeals to you, then investigate it in detail. That’s where you should be investing your energy — not in want ads.

Benefits of Finding Jobs on Company Websites

If you find positions that catch your eye through large job search websites like SEEK, make a list of those jobs and then go to the companies’ websites and apply through them instead.

The benefit is that you’ll be competing against a smaller pool of applicants, which will naturally decrease the competition for your dream job. How much higher is the competition through job sites? According to data by Jobs2web Inc., a business that helps firms analyse hiring data, six times as many people apply through job sites rather than directly through company websites.

Map out Functions / Not positions 

When you select a worthy company(ies), map out all the functions (not positions!) you’d be interested in, then map out your skills and experience and the ways you think you could make a real contribution. Think about the problems you can help to solve. Consider how your career might progress through the various parts of the company, and how your skills could benefit each department. (This latter point is one most people miss: you must be able explain how you could make a clear contribution.)

Think and Search in “Future ” terms 

What if you find the company you want, but it doesn’t have the job opening you’d like? Don’t walk away. Find out what jobs are open that could lead you toward your next objective in six months or a year. Maybe even check what current or past employees have to say about the business on Glassdoor.  If the company is a great place to work, don’t worry too much about your first job there. In fact, don’t worry too much about any one job, because it is likely that the work changes quickly at that company. In fact, this tends to be the case in any progressive job nowadays, and that will determine the course of your career at the company. Consider any particular job an investment toward the next job, and your various jobs an investment in your career.

Navigating through a Company Website(s)

There are several ways to find company websites:

  • Check Company Profiles – these company profiles have career and employment information for many top employers.
  • Check ‘.jobs’ – Companies use the .jobs extension to direct job seekers straight to their company information. For instance, if you’re looking for a job at Microsoft, type jobs or careers.
  • Use LinkUp – Job search engine LinkUp searches just for jobs on company web sites.  This is useful if you search for global player companies like Pfizer or Shell.
  • Leverage the job aggregators – Sites such as ‘Indeed’ scan the web constantly for job postings; check to see if the business you’re interested in is listed.

Here’s How to Search through Company Websites

Jobs are typically listed in the ‘Careers’ section of the employer’s website, though they could also fall under the ‘About Us’ section or at the bottom of the page in a link to ‘More Information’. Just about every company has detailed employment information including job openings, an employment application, company locations, benefits and how to apply online.

Don’t stop there. Use websites like Glassdoor, Vault and LinkedIn that provide company information to further research the business and to find connections who can help you get hired.

What Company’s Jobs tend to Reveal

A company’s career section provides a window into their corporate world and the image they present – it’s up to you to read between the lines. Are the postings easily accessible, clear, professional and well written? Are there a large number of openings or many openings concentrated in one area?

No Jobs Listed?

Not all employers list job openings online, but their website can still be a tool to learn a wealth of information about the company itself that you can use to further your search and even leverage should you get to the stage of an interview. You will also get a sense of how they present their business online. Is their site rich with information or simply a sales tool?

The best companies tend to hire for attitude

That’s what made them great in the first place. They don’t want someone doing a generic job search. You can have all the skills in the world, but if you don’t pass the attitude test and make it over that cultural hurdle, you won’t get in. So, get started, fine tune your search radar and when you are out there presenting yourself, remember to hunt wisely!