10 signs that you are a TIMEWASTER

Every job search or career change scenario is unique, but you’ll improve your situation if you avoid one or all of these timewasting scenarios.  Read more

Do you have what it takes to work for a Startup company?

Are you considering to work for a Startup company?  Whatever the reason, I have some important insights for you so you can double check your intentions and, if you are still keen, some useful tips where to find and network with  real Startups.   Read more

Good Bye 2013 and Hello 2014

I know … it’s maybe a bit early, but are you ready to say good bye to 2013? Was it a good year for you, or the worst of times? Don’t stress it, it’s soon a thing of the past. Why don’t you start early this time to set a plan for your personal growth in the New Year? Read more

The First Class Boarding Pass for New Employees

Properly welcoming a new employee on board has a positive ripple effect on everyone in your company. There are many ‘onboarding’ methods to ensure that your new hire feels welcome and prepared in their new position. Here are 10 tips to ensure that you deliver a First Class ‘onboarding’ experience for your new employee.

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Dirty Laundry – Turns off Clients & Job Seekers

Finding good employees or finding a new job is expensive, time consuming and, for most seekers, also stressful. The constant exposure to ‘dirty laundry’ in forums , social media and news articles turns clients and Job Seekers off and ultimately turns them away from using recruiters to assist them with the search. I have 3 solutions to help recruiters to improve their reputation so clients and job seekers embrace them as much as they should.

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Money Stress & Job Loss a Cocktail for Disaster

When someone is about to be laid off, made redundant or simply fired, then there are usually warning signs.  However, some people are so caught up in their own concerns or delusions that when the axe falls, they are totally shocked and, more importantly, often financially unprepared.  I have 10 tips to prepare your wallet for bad news and how to get through it with smart money management.

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U need 2 hire them or lose more business

Generation Y (born ~ 1978-1994) will comprise nearly 75% of the world’s workforce in the near future. From their comfort with technology, to their multicultural perspectives, to their insatiable desire for making a difference, Gen Y is expected to revolutionise the workplace. So, if you want to still have a job in a decade from now, then read on, because Gen Y will make or break your business, whether you like it or not.  I have 5 compelling reasons why you can’t afford to ignore hiring Gen Y employees and how to prepare yourself so your business can grow with them.

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Why you should trash your resume

Time and lousy resumes are the greatest enemies in a job search.  The longer the hunt for a new job takes, the greater the frustration, feeling of failure and the possibility of making more search mistakes with useless resumes and strategies, and all because most jobseekers ignore the changes in recruiting practices and therefore fail to score interviews. I have written a summary of why you should ‘trash’ your resume and turn to effective solutions so you can job search with the right tools and achieve results.

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Employers – JobSeekers – Recruiters, can we get organised please ?!…

not another Time Waster please....

not another Time Waster please….


Let’s face it, real success mostly comes from people not processes, gadgets or nifty machines. They play an important role, but they don’t make or break the future of a business. I get a lot of feedback from hiring managers, recruiters and candidates and they all finger-point at each other, lamenting about the ‘Waste of Time’. Read more

Why Working in Australia or New Zealand Could be Your Best Career Move

Ultimately, the decision to look for work abroad can be refreshing, modern and adventurous.

The number of people who choose to look for a job abroad is increasing.  Working in another country can offer a great experience and the chance to learn a lot in a professional, social and cultural capacity.   Read more