How to manage Career Gaps in your Resume

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Resume Gaps



There are numerous legitimate reasons for employment gaps and assuming you did not spend your time as a couch potato watching TV, you should not be afraid to explain what the reasons were. Read more

Kick-start your job search

Job searching is a full time job and can be easier said than done. There is more to it than updating your resume and cover letter or your LinkedIn profile. There are plenty of things you need to know and think about before you embark on your job search, so I suggest that you prepare yourself to kick-start your engines.

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Job and Career Networking in Australia and New Zealand

The Hidden Job Market Part III

Job Seekers in Australia and New Zealand want relevant info to learn what the ‘Hidden Job Market’ really is, how it works and more importantly how they can access it.The keys to the Hidden Job Market are networking and relationships. I have four simple methods to show you how to turn the keys to create job and career leads and open doors leading to your next job. Read more

Kickstart Your Career ! CHANGE

There are times in our lives when we need to review our situation and think about  a new direction and a possible career change or transition. Unpaid work, possibilities for learning, the kind of lifestyle you want and your changing roles within your family—any of these things can trigger career change, and you should consider all of them when you’re thinking of reinventing yourself. Watch the video blog to see what suits you best.

3 Essential Steps to Networking … The Hidden Job Market Part II

Have you started exploring the ‘Hidden Job Market’ yet and are you building a network of contacts? Or are you still relying on the same-old-same-old of applying to advertised openings to land that next job? I’m sure you’ve heard of the Hidden Job Market. However, I think it’s worth a reminder that there are many unfilled and un-advertised jobs. So the idea is to work on your networking skills so you can meet people who can hire you before a job is made available through the traditional channels. Read more

How to secure the Job after a successful Interview

The interview may be over, but your chance to make an impression is not. Unfortunately, your work is not done once you leave the interview – in fact it’s just beginning. .

You can’t simply sit back and wait for the job offer – you need to get ready to do some more work. I have 3 essential steps to help you to secure the job, so click here to get started.

Love Your Recruiter!

You are happy with work and you get one of those ‘out of the blue’ calls from a recruiter. Your instinct kicks in and you ask yourself, why you should answer the call?

I know how you feel and I understand. I also share your careful approach but I suggest that you take a more open approach to these calls.

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Are you missing out again…? Due to poor strategy or execution?

Smart guys have a strategy and a back-up plan and know how to double check their execution to ensure that they land the job. Check the collection of common job seeker mistakes to avoid missing out. Read more

Networking, Networking, Networking and why it might not work for you…!

It is not just recently that experts and career consultants have been consistently talking about networking. It almost seems like it is the No. 1 topic in LinkedIn, Plaxo and other forums.


I guess it’s fair to say that they all can’t be wrong about the fact that networking is the No. 1 tool for Job Seekers and career changers, not to mention Sales Professionals who want to land their next big deal.


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Decipher the Job Ads to land the right job!

When you read job advertisements, you know that they’re not all created equally. Some include far too much detail, while others leave a lot up to the imagination. As with everything, it is up to you to pick out what’s important when applying for a job.

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