The 10 Things Employers value more than your education.

Grades are the determining factor for performance in school, and uni degrees and high scores are kick-starters for your career. But in the professional world, that’s not how it works. This is what you need to know if you are hunting for your first well-paid job… Read more

10 key phrases that will make me want to hire you

Want to be a better job applicant? Do you want to be hired from your resume or receive a job offer straight after your interview? It might be worth looking at your language. Read more

The 3 main reasons why you don’t get job interviews

Getting a job interview can be hard work, especially if you are in competition with hundreds of other job hunters for each position. Even if you are qualified, you can easily be overlooked or ignored. If this sounds familiar to you, then it’s time to seriously check your applications and your resume to find out what you need to do to secure job interviews. Read more

How to Avoid Job hunter Burnout

In a job hunting space as fast-paced as the online and mobile job ad world, you know there are many tasks you ‘should’ perform to reach more employers with your quest for a new job. Read more

3 Steps to Nail the “Over The Phone” Job Interview

Hiring Managers often prefer phone interviews over Skype or informal interviews to screen potential new hires.  This helps employers to breeze and sort through candidates without committing to the expense and valuable time required for a 1st on-location job interview. Read more

How to dress for an informal interview

There are first interviews, second interviews, phone, Skype, Google hangout interviews, lunch interviews, and group panel interviews and informal interviews.But all of these sessions have a purposes and most even have some kind of “best practices.” Read more

Job interviews that scream “Don’t work for us!”

Given the current news that is regularly broadcast about the latest redundancies in Australia & New Zealand, it might seem ridiculous to even consider turning down a job offer, particularly if you have been on the job hunt for the last six months or more.

Most of the hiring professionals I speak to say they have become very reluctant to advise anyone to turn down a job these days. This makes it very tempting to jump at the first thing that comes along after several job interviews. However, even in today’s job climate there are still some reasons to consider declining that offer.

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How to Ace Your Skype Job Interviews

You are an interview veteran. You’ve charmed and impressed hiring managers, recruiters and even whole panels with your personality and spot-on answers. In a nutshell, you’re a confident son of a bitch and you know that you’ll walk into any interview and leave with a new job offer. Surprise!! Your invitation for the 1st job interview is this time on Skype or Google Hangout. Ooops… Read more

Had a Bad Interview? Fix It Now and Get The Job

No matter how experienced you are with interviews, there’s always the occasional white lie, slip up or maybe even stupid mistake or two. You know that moment when the cold sweat runs down the back of your shirt, when you need a solution PRONTO – or the job interview and the opportunity is botched in the blink of an eye. Read more

17 Job Search Tips That Work For Everyone

The conundrum when giving job hunting or career advice is the fact that there is no one size fits all solution. But nearly every client we meet starts with the general “so … what should I do?” question. It could be advice for someone looking for a job, trying to get a promotion, changing careers or for someone who likes their job but who wants to move up. Here’s 17 job search tips that work for everyone Read more