Think different – Look at it from the other side!

Understanding what really happens with your resume and application documents will help you to steer clear of frustration and save you valuable time. So put your creative hat on and look at it from the other side.

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10 signs that you are a TIMEWASTER

Every job search or career change scenario is unique, but you’ll improve your situation if you avoid one or all of these timewasting scenarios.  Read more


A negative experience for the job seeker can reflect badly on your company. If you get it wrong, you may see a ripple effect damage that appears when somebody makes a complaint which gains traction and/ or goes viral around the internet. To help prevent this check out the following situations for jobseekers and see what many experience when they apply for jobs.   Get the Rest Here

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3 Essential Steps to Networking … The Hidden Job Market Part II

Have you started exploring the ‘Hidden Job Market’ yet and are you building a network of contacts? Or are you still relying on the same-old-same-old of applying to advertised openings to land that next job? I’m sure you’ve heard of the Hidden Job Market. However, I think it’s worth a reminder that there are many unfilled and un-advertised jobs. So the idea is to work on your networking skills so you can meet people who can hire you before a job is made available through the traditional channels. Read more

How to secure the Job after a successful Interview

The interview may be over, but your chance to make an impression is not. Unfortunately, your work is not done once you leave the interview – in fact it’s just beginning. .

You can’t simply sit back and wait for the job offer – you need to get ready to do some more work. I have 3 essential steps to help you to secure the job, so click here to get started.

May the bridges I burn light the way

I regularly read career advice articles about coping with a bad boss or how to fire someone in the most appropriate way. What I can’t find much on are insights and tips about ending a work relationship with a person who’s not your manager or your employee, or ending a personal relationship that adds no value or drags you down.

You know what I mean?!  I am talking about the LinkedIn contacts or the Facebooker or the personal friends or the co-workers with a not so positive vibe or influence on your life. Read more

Are you missing out again…? Due to poor strategy or execution?

Smart guys have a strategy and a back-up plan and know how to double check their execution to ensure that they land the job. Check the collection of common job seeker mistakes to avoid missing out. Read more

Decipher the Job Ads to land the right job!

When you read job advertisements, you know that they’re not all created equally. Some include far too much detail, while others leave a lot up to the imagination. As with everything, it is up to you to pick out what’s important when applying for a job.

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75% of all Applications are Discarded by ATS Software

How to Get Your Resume Past Application Tracking Software

What do you mean, you don’t know what an

 Application Tracking System is?

Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.  Most Job Seekers out there actually have no clue what happens to their Resume or CV after they have hit the send button.

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Don’t just select cookie cutter applicants – look out for the resourceful Job Seekers

If you are a recruiter or hiring manager who adheres to strict submission guidelines, then you probably won’t read beyond the headline of this article….

However, if you struggle to attract truly new and resourceful talent, then you probably end up with an ad plastered with catchy key words such as: self starter; creative; resourceful; hungry; gutsy; etc.

Maybe you resort to punch lines like “pursue your passion”, “leverage your network”, “tailor and tidy up your resume”, “do your homework” and “dress for success” — among other things.

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