The 10 Point Plan To Take Control After You Have Been Made Redundant

Losing your job can be one of the most traumatic experiences of your work life. The good news is that, even though redundancy can be traumatic, it’s also a great opportunity for a new start.

Here’s my 10 point plan to help you to take control after you have been made redundant. Read more

How to Find a New Job after a Resignation or Redundancy

Finding motivation and opportunities is hard for under or unemployed job hunters who recently went through a ‘forced’ resignation or redundancy. It does not have to be that way.

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6 Effective Ways to be Productive when you are Jobless

Losing a job is really hard but I hope you know that you are not alone. Most people, at some stage in their lives will lose a job. Of course, knowing that doesn’t really make jobless period any easier.  Read more

5 Simple Hacks to Tough Out a Bad Job

A former career coaching client called me last week to tell me, ”I am in a bad Job – I need to get out of this company – my boss is a lunatic – can you help me again?” I told her to save her money and instead offered her 5 simple hacks to tough out a bad job. Read more

Turn Yourself into an Obvious Fit To Get The Job

Are you an obvious fit for the job? How are you going with your job search? Any success yet? Have several months passed by since you lost your last gig? I suggest that you do the following to get a job. Read more

10 Things you need to do when you lose a job

Getting the flick in today’s job market is not uncommon and it affects almost every profession and industry. It can be like being evicted from your home in a storm. Either prepare ahead of time to exit when you see the signals or deal with the job loss when it happens. Read more

Fired, laid off, re-structured, made redundant… 5 ways you can help your staff

It really makes no difference what you call it. If you have to let people go, you can still make the transition smoother for everyone. Read more

How long can you afford to be unemployed?

I regularly receive questions from job hunters such as “How much time should I allow for finding a job?” or “How long can I be unemployed without damaging my future employment prospects?” My reply is almost always the same. How long can you afford to be unemployed? Read more

How to Avoid Job hunter Burnout

In a job hunting space as fast-paced as the online and mobile job ad world, you know there are many tasks you ‘should’ perform to reach more employers with your quest for a new job. Read more

17 Job Search Tips That Work For Everyone

The conundrum when giving job hunting or career advice is the fact that there is no one size fits all solution. But nearly every client we meet starts with the general “so … what should I do?” question. It could be advice for someone looking for a job, trying to get a promotion, changing careers or for someone who likes their job but who wants to move up. Here’s 17 job search tips that work for everyone Read more