The #1 Silent Killer Amongst Job Starters & Career Changers

Has your new job or position overpowered your thoughts in such a way that it’s hard to remain focused? Does it feel like it’s not working out for you?  Read more

The 10 Worst Timewaster Job Search Tactics

You’ve been on the job hunt for weeks and still no interview? Welcome to the club. I reveal 10 Timewasters and how to avoid them if you want to reduce your stress and search time. Read more

It’s Time To Quit

One of the first questions I get asked when I deal with individuals who are in job transitions is: How do I know when it’s time to quit? Read more

Money Stress & Job Loss a Cocktail for Disaster

When someone is about to be laid off, made redundant or simply fired, then there are usually warning signs.  However, some people are so caught up in their own concerns or delusions that when the axe falls, they are totally shocked and, more importantly, often financially unprepared.  I have 10 tips to prepare your wallet for bad news and how to get through it with smart money management.

Read more

How to secure the Job after a successful Interview

The interview may be over, but your chance to make an impression is not. Unfortunately, your work is not done once you leave the interview – in fact it’s just beginning. .

You can’t simply sit back and wait for the job offer – you need to get ready to do some more work. I have 3 essential steps to help you to secure the job, so click here to get started.

Job Hopping Stigma – Adjust your view – or search until it is too late!

I think it’s time for the business world to get new spectacles so they can adjust or correct their view on the fast paced and ever changing world of job seekers. Don’t worry! I’m not talking about teaching an old dog new tricks.

I am talking about the ‘job hopper’ stigma. Read more

When the writing is on the wall – Redundancy and other worries ….

Getting the flick in today’s job market is not uncommon and it affects almost every profession and industry. It can be like being evicted from your home in a storm. The horrific head winds facing job seekers today will make finding shelter with a new employer all the harder.
I am a big advocate of loyalty to your employer but sometimes you have to read the signals and work out if you should stick around to fight the battle or get the hell out of there on your own terms. There are many signals that may show you if you are likely ‘on the list’, so learn to read the signs to figure out when it’s time to bail and stabilise your career. Read more

Job Loss

Imagine this: You are fired.

No matter what term your employer used – terminated, laid off, let go, restructured, and dismissed, downsized, right-sized the fact remains. You just lost your job. We used to think that 100-year-old firms were somehow safer than the brand new start-ups around the corner, but if you follow the daily news, you will find plenty of examples of how dangerous it can be to be in any industry, at any time:

Job Loss covers both imminent or recent job loss. So read on and give us your feedback. Read more