Resume Truth or Dare Which one do you prefer?

Resume Truth or DareYou can chose to embellish and cheat or you can stick to the truth. Both approaches will have a lasting result.  Read more

14 pet hates on LinkedIn and… How to avoid them

If you haven’t noticed it yet, LinkedIn is one of the leading communication tools for professionals and most likely the 1st point where hiring managers and recruiters ‘check you out’. Read more

5 Common Resume Myths Uncovered

No one gets hired because they have a great resume alone. Your resume has to be compelling and ATS-proof to get noticed. I unmask 5 common resume myths so you can score your next interview faster. Read more

Celebrating our 1st Anniversary

We are only 9 days away from our 1st business anniversary and we decided to celebrate this with a well-deserved upgrade.


It was 01 April 2013 when we launched our 1st blog post to reach out to Job Seekers & Hiring Managers in Australia & New Zealand. It has been a busy and rewarding year with a lot of interesting stories, candidates and client wins. We have managed over 130 blog posts and reached many thousands of readers during the last 12 months – and the number is growing rapidly.


Our unique Resume Writing Service has attracted and helped many Australian and New Zealand based Job Seekers to find new work and our Head Coach, Ulrich Schild, has been very busy blogging, speaking and workshopping at job fairs & business events on both sides of the ditch.


We have also received an amazing amount of feedback to ‘soldier on’ with our mission to provide more of our authentic, real-world career support and guidance.


To ensure that you enjoy it even more we decided to notch it up another level for our 2nd year. We have listened to your feedback, we have taken all your suggestions and recommendations to heart and we decided to enhance our site with new services, more features, more flexible pricing and a brand spanking new name.


But before we crank up the engine of the new service site, we’re taking a mini break…..


So, stay tuned and in the meantime visit our Facebook & Twitter account ( #TheJobSearchCoach and @ulrichschild ) if you want updates while we enjoy a few days to re-charge our batteries. Join us back here on 2 April 2014 when we return as:



. net and



In the meantime – hang tight and remember to hunt wisely!



Ulrich Schild




It’s Time To Quit

One of the first questions I get asked when I deal with individuals who are in job transitions is: How do I know when it’s time to quit? Read more

How to find a gay friendly workplace in Australia

Small & large businesses are doing more each year to ensure their workplace is inclusive of gay and lesbian employees, after large companies dominated a list of the most gay-friendly organisations in 2012 -2013 – How do you find a Gay friendly employer and what is the best way to contact them if you are looking for a gay friendly workplace? Read more

How to manage Career Gaps in your Resume

Resume Gaps - courtesy better photos dot com

Resume Gaps



There are numerous legitimate reasons for employment gaps and assuming you did not spend your time as a couch potato watching TV, you should not be afraid to explain what the reasons were. Read more

Meet Peter Snell

Peter Snell is the Executive Director of Stirling Henry Global Migration, a specialist immigration firm that has been helping corporations and individuals navigate the complex Australian immigration system for more than 20 years.

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May the bridges I burn light the way

I regularly read career advice articles about coping with a bad boss or how to fire someone in the most appropriate way. What I can’t find much on are insights and tips about ending a work relationship with a person who’s not your manager or your employee, or ending a personal relationship that adds no value or drags you down.

You know what I mean?!  I am talking about the LinkedIn contacts or the Facebooker or the personal friends or the co-workers with a not so positive vibe or influence on your life. Read more

Taking a Firm Stance On Grammar

This is my shortest blog post ever!

From the smartest dyslexic alive. Courtesy Stephen Fry

Hit PLAY – Enjoy and Hunt wisely!