Fired 10 Things You need to do NOW

Fired or lost your Job? 10 Things You NEED To Do NOW!

Tony and Joe are on notice and will lose their jobs pretty soon if they fail to deliver on their new budget promises, according to Dennis Shanahan from the Australian. Of course, that’s no consolation if you‘ve recently lost your own job, or feel like the writing for imminent job loss is on the wall. Read more

5 great solutions to reply to unsolicited contacts from recruiters

You know the drill when job-hunting: you put together a CV, browse job ads and then you apply. With the advent of professional networks like LinkedIn and intrusive, commission-hungry recruiters, dealing with unsolicited contacts from recruiters is a fact of life. Here are 5 tips on the best way to respond… Read more

Job search help for your friend

How to give you friend genuine job search help

When my friends call me for help, I instinctively try to do whatever I can do ‘assist’. But when it comes to something as personal and stressful as looking for a new job, this isn’t always the best approach.

Just doing stuff for the sake of demonstrating your friendship is neither useful nor helpful. Instead, it takes listening, understanding, and employing a whole lot of tact. Read on for five ‘friendly’ strategies on how to really give your friend some job search help. Read more

job seeking rut

Use These Tools to Break Out of Your Job Seeking Rut [Infographic]

Are you stuck in a job seeking rut? Do you feel like you’ve lost your spark? Does every day feel like… every day?

If you answered yes to these, then it sounds like you need some help breaking out of this fulfilling rut you’ve made for yourself.

Read more

Get your Job Search Mojo back

When job hunting chews up your mojo (and 8 ways to get motivated)

Let’s be honest, for most job hunters it’s a tough game out there. While many job seekers feel like they’re powerless to change their situation, the feeling of hitting brick walls while looking for that next professional gig doesn’t have to be a drainer on your mojo. Instead, here are some ways how you can recharge your job search “mojo” and reclaim your motivation. Read more

Job Hunter Timewaster practices

20 Ways you’re wasting time with your job search

Job hunting sucks. We all know that. The usual job search experiences range from seemingly unending rejections to permanent communication black holes from job sites or recruiting firms. The whole experience is definitely no fun, particularly if you are unemployed with bills to pay. Read more

12 reasons why you are un-employable

12 Reasons Why Hiring Managers See You as Unemployable

During the last 21 months since we started TheJobSearchCoach, some of our coaches, (me included) have talked to over 300 job hunters about their job hunting or careers. Many of these job hunters express their worries – for reasons we all understand – as they are stressing out about finding new or better employment. Read more

10 Reasons why recruiters trash your resume

10 Reasons Why Recruiters Trash Your Application

You’ve been looking all over for a job. But it seems no matter what you do, you just can’t land one. The stress kicks in. Constant rejection destroys your confidence. And your actions are showing that you’re getting desperate. Learn the top 10 job application mistakes everyone makes and how you can avoid them.  Read more

5 Tips for Jobseekers with a ‘Thin’ Resume

So you need to start looking for a job, but haven’t got much to put on your resume. You could be a new job seeker, just dipping your toe into the waters for the first time. What do you put on your resume? What is good information and what is just a waste of space? Read more

You are worth what you negotiate

You Are Worth What You Negotiate!

Negotiating yourself through a job interview requires preparation and skill, no matter your aim is: a better position, higher pay, a workplace closer to your home… You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

This cliché is worth repeating, putting up on your wall and tattooing on your forehead. Read more