why HR is female

Why HR is Female Dominated – On Being a Male Human Resources Professional

Ok, I admit upfront that having an extended conversation about the seeming problem of HR being a female domination of one particular management discipline is a challenging thing to consider and discuss, but I always wondered why HR is predominately female. Let me share my thoughts Read more


When do Hiring Managers Know They Have Found a ’Leader’?

Hiring managers who search for leaders look for a very simple signal to decide if they have found the right candidate or not. Read more


10 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Useless If You’re Searching For A New Job

LinkedIn has tonnes of problems and their network professionals are increasingly turning to new alternatives. Why? Because LinkedIn is steadily ignoring user service requests and that is the clearest indicator that the business is destined to fail (or at least become less relevant).  It is also obvious that LinkedIn cares more about the money than their loyal customers. Read more

Turn Yourself into an Obvious Fit To Get The Job

Turn Yourself into an Obvious Fit To Get The Job

Are you an obvious fit for the job? How are you going with your job search? Any success yet? Have several months passed by since you lost your last gig? I suggest that you do the following to get a job. Read more

25 Job Lead Ideas That Work

25 Ways To Generate Job Leads (That Actually Work)

“What is the best source for finding good jobs and Generate Job Leads?” How do you generate job leads… and “Where should I focus my time?” Read more

Must Have Skills For Job Hunters

The 10 Must Have Skills If You Want That $ 120k+job

Career success comes from the mastery of skills plus current tools that can be applied across positions, fields or companies. I have 10 Must Have Skills and tools you need to have if you want to improve your chances for that $120k+ job. Read more

resume lies

When is it ok to lie on your resume?

I regularly hear the job hunter excuse “but everyone lies or exaggerates”. Well, there is truth in this. So, the real question then, is which lies do hiring managers and recruiters actually accept on your resume? Read more

job networking

Get the best jobs before they are advertised

An estimated 70% of jobs are not advertised. That’s a lot of hidden roles you might be missing out on. Here, Head Coach Ulrich Schild explains how to hunt the best jobs down. Read more

the job ad analyser

The 5 Must-Do Job Ad Analyser Steps for a Successful Job Application

It is really not hard to apply for jobs. In most cases, all that’s needed is to hit the “Apply” button or send an email, and your application is in the pool for a new job.Really? Experienced job hunters know it isn’t that simple. Most job applications seem to get lost in black holes, which is very discouraging.

So, how do you get your application to the top of the pile? Read more
Job Search Success

7 Things You Must Stop to Ensure Your Job Search Success

I occasionally have to cut conversations with potential clients short. Why? Because of their attitude. Simply speaking, Your Attitude Determines Your Job Search Altitude, I see it 3 out of 10 times. I know that with that attitude they won’t get hired or have their applications passed along to the hiring manager. I sense it within 30 seconds of being on the phone. I literally smell it. I have seven things you need to stop if you want to reach better heights and see some job search success. Read more