How long can you afford to be unemployed?

I regularly receive questions from job hunters such as “How much time should I allow for finding a job?” or “How long can I be unemployed without damaging my future employment prospects?” My reply is almost always the same. How long can you afford to be unemployed? Read more

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It…

Uni students – let’s be realistic about the jobs we work. Most of the time, they’re a bit crap. It’s easy to let your motivation fall and to get bitter about work. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I have three ideas to help you stay motivated at work.

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How to deal with rejection feedback after job interviews

We all know that job searching sucks, but what really sucks is rejection. No matter when it happens, via the usual communication black hole, or after the first or second interview, rejection sucks. Period! But you know what also really sucks… the ‘feedback’. Read more

Time is Your Most Valuable Asset: Don’t waste it!

Have you ever wondered why job hunting seems like such a bore? It’s because you’re eventually wasting a lot of time looking for the wrong type of job. I’m going to put forward that job hunting can be an exciting time for you… if you follow these steps.

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Use These Tools to Break Out of Your Job Seeking Rut [Infographic]

Are you stuck in a job seeking rut? Do you feel like you’ve lost your spark? Does every day feel like… every day?

If you answered yes to these, then it sounds like you need some help breaking out of this fulfilling rut you’ve made for yourself.

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When job hunting chews up your mojo (and 8 ways to get motivated)

Let’s be honest, for most job hunters it’s a tough game out there. While many job seekers feel like they’re powerless to change their situation, the feeling of hitting brick walls while looking for that next professional gig doesn’t have to be a drainer on your mojo. Instead, here are some ways how you can recharge your job search “mojo” and reclaim your motivation. Read more

10 Signs That You Should Change Jobs

We all know the feeling when we struggle to go to work.

You know that moment when the alarm goes off and you think, “Bugger, not again!” Personally, I usually can’t get started until I’ve had my 1st double shot coffee near the office. But, what if the dreaded feeling is about more than that? What if that negative feeling about your job follows you everywhere you go and invades your dreams? Does that mean it’s time to change jobs? Are you in trouble? Read more

10 Do’s and Don’ts to get back on your feet after you’ve been fired

Whatever the reason for being fired, the effects can be devastating financially and emotionally.   Thinking about who has been fired and who has been rehired because they handled it well led me to write about 10 do’s and don’ts that can help you best handle your job search after you’ve been fired.  Read more

The 2 Big Enemies of Job Searching

Anyone who has ever had to look for a new job knows that job searching is tough. I have yet to meet a new client who was truly prepared for what needs to happen in a typical job search. Read more

Kick Your Job Search Panic in the Butt

Job searching is a full time job without pay for most job seekers. Looking for work takes time and effort, but when you are done with that part of the day when you are networking and applying for jobs, you may still have hours left to fill. It’s that dead time that fills many job seekers with anxiety, and often panic or depression take over. Read more