The 10 worst Job Search Tactics

Are you on the job hunt for weeks and still no interview? Welcome to the club. I reveal 10 Timewasters and how to avoid them if you want to reduce your stress and search time.


Job searching details are different for almost every job seeker but timewasting seems to be a common theme. Sorry in advance if this applies to you, but if you’re applying immediately to every job you come across that’s remotely related to your field, and if you’re handing your resume over to anyone you meet, and if you are chasing hiring managers like your life depends on it, then you are likely already making at least 3 of the most common mistakes.


I assure you if you drop some or all of the following timewasting tactics you will improve your chances of scoring an interview significantly. So, if you want to change your situation let’s get started ASAP.




Try to avoid some or all of these mistakes and when you search for new opportunities , remember to hunt wisely!




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