The 7 Best Job Search Organiser Tools for 2015

The end of the year is fast approaching – a time to start from scratch or just to try and be a little more effective with your jobsearch in 2015.Securing a good job will be at the top of many Job Hunters’ lists, but just how do you organise those intentions and ensure you don’t fall back to old habits? I offer you the 7 best job search tools to help you stay organised and structured without spending a penny. All you have to invest is a bit of time to familiarise yourself with the tool.

Tool #1: Evernote

Probably the oldest and still most popular tool for job search tool for people who spend a lot of time in front of their desktops. Evernote keeps all job-related materials in one place, making tracking and managing job applications much easier.

With Evernote, job seekers can build a notebook for each position they apply for and fill it with the required application materials, such as a tailored résumé and cover letter, academic transcripts, or work samples. Files can be imported or simply dragged and dropped into the app. The possibilities with Evernote are endless! It’s an intuitive and easy to handle solution, and you can tag each note with keywords, so it’s easier to search for them than to find that old Post-It you scribbled on six months ago.

Tool #2: Google Alerts

If you are a gadget/ app sceptic and if managing tasks and devices is “not your thing” then Google alerts is probably the best job search tool for you. Use alerts to monitor your online presence, news feeds or job postings from your target employer, or other mentions of positions you are looking to apply for online. Just remember using quotations (“) around the key words will help you to receive information that is more relevant.

Getting this information automatically sent to your inbox is much more time-efficient than conducting manual searches. It’s like having a virtual assistant do it for you!

Tool #3: Doodle

Not the drawings you do in a meeting when you’re bored, but a tech-savvy way to set up networking meetings and keep yourself sane while doing it. Switched on Job Hunters are busy networking and Doodle is a great tool to stay organised. All you need is a free account and a mobile and you are set. Pick some times that are good for you to meet for coffee with your contact, set up a poll on Doodle, invite the participants, and confirm the final date and time.

Compared to emailing back and forth multiple times to set up meetings, it’s amazingly simple to operate, especially when multiple people are involved.

Tool #4  Behance

This website is my personal favourite. Behance is a fantastic for the creative out there – those who need to showcase more than simply a resume and cover letter to land an interview.

The team at Behance understands what creative minds need and how to organise it. Behance offers Talent Search – Candidate Portfolios and lots of great sample ideas to showcase your abilities. I believe Behance is a MUST HAVE job search tool if you work in the creative fields such as design, photography and interaction design. It is s a great way to showcase your work, engage your audience and build/cross link your brand on LinkedIn.

Tool #5: Dropbox

I regularly use Dropbox to exchange templates and samples with my clients. I don’t know what I’d do without this service. I love it because it’s so simple and so mobile friendly. If you are job hunting, Dropbox gives you access to all of your files, and images on your desktop, laptop, iPad, and phone. You can share anything with people with the blink of an eye without having to e-mail it. I know there are other solutions such as Google Drive, but most of my clients confirm my recommendation. They prefer the layout of Dropbox and the ability to restore previous versions of documents.

Tool #6: Toodledo

It’s a funny name, but a dead serious and effective organisation tool if you struggle in this department. I know that it is a powerful way to ensure you get things done if you are the “procrastinator type” and so I frequently recommend it to our Job Hunter clients who struggle with tasks and ‘To-Do’ lists. In fact, it is probably the most powerful ‘To-Do’ list out there. As much as I love Evernote, it doesn’t integrate with Google or Outlook, which Toodledo does.

Do you have a number of tasks to tick off the list to get your job search underway – like scheduling a session with TheJobSearchCoach? Procrastinate no more! Plug the task (mobile – online – any gadget), the time you estimate it will take, and your deadline into Toodledo and a handy reminder will keep you on track! .

Tool#7: Trello

I regularly encounter clients who don’t know where to start – how to get structured and organised and most of all stay focused. Trello is the tool to leverge. It works with you – doesn’t force you to follow set rules and it enables you to organise things the way your brain is wired. Trello is perfect for Job Hunters who want to do things “ their way”. Create your own list or list of listings, record your progress and label your own ingenuity. Definitely check it out..

The best part about all these tools is that they are FREE and they are mobile or online anytime and anywhere. Some of the tools such as Evernote and Dropbox do have “Premium” versions with more capability and storage, for a modest fee. .

If you want personal assistance or if you want to learn how to secure your next job, follow us here on our blog or sign up to our newsfeed. We are launching a new 2 hour seminar series in January 2015 (Sydney – Melbourne – Brisbane – Auckland) to show our blog fans how to get organised with smart tools and smart job search tactics.

I hope you liked these recommendations. Contact me anytime if you need other inspiration. Get your career organized on a budget by trying one of them today and when you are out there remember to hunt wisely!


Ps. Sharing is Caring. If you know a job-hunter or career changer – share it so they can optimise their job hunt efforts in 2015