Time is Your Most Valuable Asset: Don’t waste it!

Have you ever wondered why job hunting seems like such a bore? It’s because you’re eventually wasting a lot of time looking for the wrong type of job. I’m going to put forward that job hunting can be an exciting time for you… if you follow these steps.

Brain-storming to figure things out

If you currently have a job, but you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, then now is the time to plan your next move. You need to ask yourself these questions before you do anything:

  • What do you value? This is something that underpins everything you do. For example, I believe in connecting the right people at the right time. I believe in making the world a better place (somehow).
  • What are you passionate about? This could anything that is a hobby, cause or profession. It is important to note that a passion can be the direct result of a value. For example, I am passionate about education because it can connect people and make the world a better place. Or it can be something completely different – For example, I love my science fiction books, just…because.
  • What are your skills? I don’t mean education credentials or fancy bits of paper. What do you know for certain you are good at? You also need to think about what you are not good at. I might love science fiction books, but I am not at the ability to start writing them.
  • Who would benefit? Who would get value from your values, passions and skills? Do your best to think outside the box. The person that can apply their skills and values in a creative way is an asset to any organisation.

Put it all together: discover your passion

How can you use your skills to achieve what you value and/or are passionate about? It is absolutely essential that you combine all four of these things to gain a clear picture of your future direction.

Once you have put all of this together, there may be some things which might require some sort of investment of time or money.  This is the time to think about whether the return on investment would be worth it. I would not spend 3 years learning to become a professional writer because I love science fiction books.

Planning to save time

“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail” – Benjamin Franklin.

Now you should know what you value, are passionate about, can do, and for whom. You know what would be worthwhile investing in and what wouldn’t. Now is the time to list some jobs, companies or careers that fit.

But Why? Because you don’t want to waste time.

So, why do all of this? Life is short, so why spend it doing something you don’t enjoy? Something like this can be great motivation to give yourself a kick up the behind. So get yourself moving and make some positive changes that you’ll find fulfilling.

When I applied for the marketing intern position here, I knew it fitted my values and passions. This made the application process exciting. I was really keen to write a cover letter and re-jig my resume for the position. I believe this excitement and passion translated into my writing and interview, and eventually got me the job.

Now is the time to make that change you have always been putting off.

Have you ever changed jobs based on values or beliefs? Leave your experience in the comments below.

As always, remember to Keep it Simple Sunshine

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This blog post is the third in a new series authored by The Job Search Coach marketing intern Jasha Andrews. Jasha has been invited as a Guest blogger to TJSC to help uni students hunt smarter for a position. If you are a regular reader, this could be the refresher that you need on basic job hunting.