Should You Trash Your Resume?

Are you back in the Job hunt? Are you using the same old resume? Time wasting and lousy resumes are the greatest enemies in a job search. The longer the hunt for a new job takes, the greater the frustration, feeling of failure and the possibility of making more search mistakes with useless resumes and strategies. This happens because most job seekers ignore the changes in recruiting practices and therefore fail to score interviews.

Our team at TJSC speak to many job seekers every week. Sadly, the internet has created online job board or LinkedIn junkies and caused a lot of people to adopt a quantitative approach to their job search campaign. The majority of job seekers are still not aware of the fact, that only between 15 – 30 % of all job openings are placed online. The rest of the jobs are somewhere else!

Yes, I am not kidding.  This is what the experts and bloggers will tell you when you search online and in webinars and slide shares but, despite all this, many candidates are hooked on online portal searching. They take the ‘hope and fear’ approach and shoot out a huge stream of ineffective applications to openings posted on job boards and company websites and hope that at least one will yield a response.

No wonder so many end up with a job they hate – or a company without a future, and no wonder many candidates contribute to ‘long term’ unemployment. Clued-in job seekers review their toolkit and adjust it to the job market and seek professional help when their own tools or job seeking efforts produce no results.

I just found this Infographic from last year of why you should ‘trash’ your resume and turn to effective solutions so you can job search with the right tools and achieve results. Check it and maybe change some or all of your resume content the format or the whole  Look & Feel. Do it soon, don’t start 2015 with the same old mistakes and remember to hunt wisely! Uli