Two Kick Ass Job Alternatives That You’re Probably Totally Qualified To Do.

Everyone dreams of having or finding a more exciting job. But those dreams tend to be quickly crushed by the realisation that all the really kickass jobs are the ones that require the kind of training or experience that is next to impossible for most of us to acquire without capturing a wish-granting elf.

Well, as it turns out, some of the best kickass jobs in movies require almost no training whatsoever and can be done by almost any old jackass who walks in off the street. And the best part is they are not science fiction – they actually exist, right here in the good old land of Oz.


Job Alternatives

#2 The Kick Ass Expert

Experts, also known as specialists, are in the business of handling and solving some of the world’s most complex problems. You’ve seen them in virtually every science fiction thriller that has ever been produced. They’re usually in the background, picking up debris at an alien crash site, mopping up zombie guts or chasing bad guys with amazing CG animated geolocation apps and frantically typing complex algorithms into keyboards at speeds that make you dizzy just watching it.

They get called in when something in the environment is so complex it simply can’t be dealt with by Will Smith alone. The expert crew then expertly evaluates and removes said dangers and decontaminates the area, both to contain the damage that has already been done and to keep any additional bystanders from getting melted, usually by using their amazing nerd coding skills, computer language or design skills or simply expert experience.

They’re the ones who have to deal with the big problems and they get to wear those badass high-vis vests we love so much in Australia, together with the hard hat and the plastic safety glasses. (Politicians in high-vis gear and hard hats are obviously excluded and don’t qualify as experts) So, surely they are a select, carefully trained few…

The Reality Alternative: Join Expert 360

Everyone wants top talent on demand especially when you need them now.
Access the best independent experts
The guys at 360 Experts have over 4500 experts from top consulting and finance firms that want to work more flexibly. You could hire one of them or join their pool of experts. Each expert offers differing skills and expertise, enabling you to avoid relying on limited in-house capabilities and, instead, cherry pick the exact talent you need to knock the project out of the park. You can do that. I am sure you can.

Get Expert service without the overheads and paperwork
The 360 Experts help you to take the best of consulting (the people) and strip away the inefficiencies and overheads such as invoicing, contracts, or payments – everything is managed through their secure, easy-to-use platform.

#1 The Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunting is a centuries-old, kick ass job, where grizzled cowboys harder than a coffin nail set out to capture other, possibly even more grizzled cowboys, armed with only their wits, guts and whatever trusted weaponry they can carry. In movies, bounty hunters have been played by everyone from Clint Eastwood (For a Few Dollars More) to Robert DeNiro (Midnight Run) and there’s a reason why Star Wars fans love Boba Fett, despite the fact that he doesn’t deliver anything.

It’s because the idea of cruising around, answering to no man as you doggedly pursue your prey is as kickass as it gets. The real life 2015 version of the Bounty Hunter is the good old Head Hunter (aka Recruiter) who hunt for people like you. These guys don’t get their hands dirty. Their weapons are keyboards, ATS software, the latest suit from DJ or Zara and their 457 visa so they can ‘virtually’ roam the streets and collect a juicy bounty (recruiter commission) if you, the candidate, gets hired.

How kick ass is that?! The best part of that gig is that their head hunter bounty is somewhere between 10 – 30 % of your annual salary. Not a bad pay if you ask me.

The Reality Alternative:

Become a Bounty Hunter on FOSSLR

Everyone can be a head hunter.

On FOSSLR everyone can be a head hunter and collect cash bounties. All you have to do is to start referring people in your networks and if your referral is successful, you collect a cash bounty. The best part: a cash reward, it’s fast and no weapons or tight black suits or 457 visas required – just good old relationships and social referrals.

The more you refer talented and quality candidates to FOSSLR job opportunities, the better off you’ll be. Your successful referral rewards you with cash bounties, and the more you make quality referrals, the healthier our employment world and your wallet will be. There are no commercial commission hunters and no rookie recruiters. It’s about genuine relationships connecting real talent with great jobs. It’s a pretty good payback for helping someone find work!

There is a bounty on your head and you deserve it.

The guys at FOSSLR have a simply philosophy. You are not a commodity. On FOSSLR, successful job hunters collect a cash bounty and a new job. There are no recruiters or commission hunters, just genuine candidates investing in their applications. FOSSLR is the new bounty hunting, because they understand that you deserve a reward for your efforts.

You are worth what you negotiate.

Every employer wants talented people and real success comes from real people. Just post a job with a bounty on FOSSLR (instead of paying an inflated recruiter commission) to source quality talent from targeted applications and trusted social referrals. You get to save valuable time and money and, through FOSSLR, reward those who matter the most, the job hunter and the referrer. Your most valuable asset is your staff and statistics show that the best staff tend to come from quality referrals.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick one of these two Kick Ass Alternatives to earn or save some real money tomorrow. Look for your next job and/or become a bounty hunter on FOSSLR, or, become a 360 Expert. Just use your mobile or keyboard – no guns or hazmat suit required, just genuine passion and experience.
Don’t delay and remember no matter what you do, always hunt wisely!