TJSC connects you to authentic, real-world career support and guidance and coaching services targeted at Job Seekers and Hiring Managers across the Tasman.

Our Mission is simple

We are passionate about People  |  We are passionate about Results  |  We are truly passionate about The World Around Us

Are you A Job Seeker or Career Changer?

Are you ready to compete with someone who can be hired for half your pay?

If you are — either because you are young and inexperienced or because you grew up without good role models and without a coach — remember it’s never too late to learn new skills and new attitudes. That’s why Ulrich Schild created the site in 2013.

  • To deliver to you what conventional education won’t teach you and to provide you with insight and tips Dr. Google can’t find for you.
  • To arm you with skills and attitudes that will set you apart from your co-workers and competitors.
  • To arm you with skills and attitudes that will take you to interviews and jobs you really want to go to.

No time for pity or blame…

You can blame TV & the movies for making success look easy and for making us think everyone lives a richer life than we do. Regardless of where you place the blame, today’s workforce is poorly equipped to compete with hungry, smart, English- speaking immigrants and professionals,freelancers and crowd-source’s and street smart start-ups in other countries who want your job.

You can choose to blame and waste more time or you can choose to be coached.

Are You a Business Owner or Hiring Manager?

Hire and retain the “best and brightest” to improve your competitive edge!

Most organizations have the ability to achieve a healthy “state” and evolve. But, you need to truly understand your people, processes and culture — to make that a reality. And if you want to simplify your recruiting and talent management processes, than you are at the right place, as we coach and service important aspects of the recruiting and staff training at a fraction of the usual cost and time involved, so you can improve your competitive edge.

Let’s combine our talents and create a better path to Recruiting & Talent Management now and in the future.

So, whether you are a Job Hunter or a Hiring Professional , welcome to thejobsearchcoach.net Feel free to share the information with your network and when you are ready for some Job Search Coaching or Business Service contact us here via the service sections.

Remember to hunt wisely!