How to kick ass without losing it

Kick Ass at Work Without Losing It (or Why More Time Away from Work is The Way to Kick Ass at Work)

In this 25 + minute podcast Uli aka MrCareertick talks about Work-Life Balance and How To Kick Ass At Work Without Losing It.

  1. How do you keep work from becoming your life?
  2. How do you make room when it seems like there is no room?

Uli has some work/life balance tips from a bona fide workaholic life perspective.

By self-admission Uli starts the podcast by acknowledging the irony that I’m posting a podcast about work and work-life balance. He is going to give you some awesome work/life balance tips, but at the moment, he is actually the poster child for work/life imbalance.

That perspective is what gives him the idea and such great insight into the problem. Sit back, relax and reflect onto your own situation and then make changes.

Listen to the podcast today: