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How To Find Employers with Good People & Culture

Let’s face it, many companies have cool products or services, hip and modern offices and if you’re lucky even great locations. But really good companies have all that and then they also have good people and good company culture. So How Do You Find Employers with Good People & Culture so you can hang there […]

How to ask Friends & LinkedIn Connections for Job Search Help

Can I help you with 5 genuine & effective ways to ask your network connections & friends for job search help? You’re all set to go. Your resume and your LinkedIn profile are all professionally optimised and aligned to your target positions. It’s time to reach out to your friends network. But, what’s the right strategy and how […]

How to Decode Job Ads for Jobs You Deserve

Your most valuable asset as a Job Hunter is your time, so don’t waste it! Finding the right jobs to apply for can get frustrating. A big part of this is because most job ads are poorly written and can be a nightmare to decode. So, I’ve put together 11 useful tips to decode job […]