10 Reasons Why No One Replies To Your Job Applications

You’ve been looking all over for a job. But it seems no matter what you do, you just can’t land one. The stress kicks in. Constant rejection destroys your confidence. And your actions are showing that you’re getting desperate. Learn the top 10 job application mistakes everyone makes and how you can avoid them.

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The 10 Most Common Myths about job hunting DEBUNKED – 2019!

While we all have different trials, tribulations, and experiences in our lives, there is a common struggle all of us have dealt with in one capacity or another: finding a new job and, often, not having much success in doing so.

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Employers – JobSeekers – Recruiters, can we get organised please ?!…

not another Time Waster please....

not another Time Waster please….


Let’s face it, real success mostly comes from people not processes, gadgets or nifty machines. They play an important role, but they don’t make or break the future of a business. I get a lot of feedback from hiring managers, recruiters and candidates and they all finger-point at each other, lamenting about the ‘Waste of Time’. Read more

How to manage Career Gaps in your Resume

Resume Gaps - courtesy better photos dot com

Resume Gaps



There are numerous legitimate reasons for employment gaps and assuming you did not spend your time as a couch potato watching TV, you should not be afraid to explain what the reasons were. Read more

Resume Blunders Mature Age Job Seekers

Many Mature Age Job Seekers are daunted -by the changes in the job market, the prospect of ageism and the likelihood of being interviewed by someone half their age. I receive regular feedback that the candidates worry about the generalizations some short-sighted employers make about older workers. They either see you as overqualified and overpriced, or they judge you as  inflexible and technologically challenged. You know why? Because you eventually make silly Resume blunders and bloopers that give away your age and experience.

Let’s talk about the top mistakes that hopeful Mature Age Job Seekers make in their Resumes and how to avoid them. Watch the video – just  click here 

Kick-start your job search

Job searching is a full time job and can be easier said than done. There is more to it than updating your resume and cover letter or your LinkedIn profile. There are plenty of things you need to know and think about before you embark on your job search, so I suggest that you prepare yourself to kick-start your engines.

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Taking a break – turning Down-under!

After 18 months with the company Kate was called into a meeting room to have a discussion with the department manager, who she had hardly spoken to since she joined the business as a Marketing Assistant. Strangely there was also a member of the HR team.

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Is recruiting the Game of Lies or is it still real professional matchmaking?

I found my best jobs with the help of professional recruiters and I managed to solve some of my most difficult staffing issues with recruiting experts. Am I living in the past?

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You better ‘Clean up your online reputation’ !

If you haven’t done it already – now is the best time to clean up ‘ your online reputation’. You see most Hiring Managers and Recruiters hit the google button, as soon as they have short listed you.


So try it and  google yourself and don’t be too surprised if you get hit with some embarrassing content from the past.  With this in mind, I strongly suggest that you clean up your ‘online shrapnel’ before you kick off your networking for a career change or before you embark on your job seeking mission. If you want to know how to clean up click here :

Job and Career Networking in Australia and New Zealand

The Hidden Job Market Part III

Job Seekers in Australia and New Zealand want relevant info to learn what the ‘Hidden Job Market’ really is, how it works and more importantly how they can access it.The keys to the Hidden Job Market are networking and relationships. I have four simple methods to show you how to turn the keys to create job and career leads and open doors leading to your next job. Read more