Employers – JobSeekers – Recruiters, can we get organised please ?!…

not another Time Waster please....

not another Time Waster please….


Let’s face it, real success mostly comes from people not processes, gadgets or nifty machines. They play an important role, but they don’t make or break the future of a business. I get a lot of feedback from hiring managers, recruiters and candidates and they all finger-point at each other, lamenting about the ‘Waste of Time’.


Job Seeking and hiring generally involves 3 main players: the hiring managers, the recruiters and the candidates. It’s that simple. So, no matter what side of the table you’re on, ensure you’re organised before you start seeking because it will only turn into a good deal if it works for everyone involved.


If you just play by your own rules and tempo, don’t be surprised if you get a poor result.  I have a collection of the Top 10 Timewaster’s that turn ‘good seeker’ opportunities into bad deals and some ‘ common sense ‘ suggestions to avoid them.


Feel free to share the slides with any of your clients, recruiters or jobseekers and if you think  that I have missed an important point or two , send them through ! I am happy to add to the slide set so we can all get better and get on with the job of finding each other.


In the meantime, hunt wisely!