Why Courage Always Wins the Job Search over Talent

One of the most inspiring lines for people on the job search is “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” I know that courage and ambition are the most important tools to achieving success, overriding both talent and experience by far, especially if you are embarking on a new job search.

A good portion of courage and an ambitious attitude can lead you faster to your desired job search results than experience and talent, regardless of what is put in front of you. Having talent means nothing if you have no ambition behind it to work your ass of at any given point of the day. Do you know how many people are out there and are wasting ability and potential because they lack the courage and drive to hunt for that next, better job?

Ambitious and courageous job hunters understand that there are no short cuts and it is only their persistence that will get them what they want. They put it all on the line, not letting any moment of drive be wasted because they know this is essential to making the most of their time and to getting closer and closer to their objective.

Here are 3 reasons why courage wins over talent.

Your Courage and your Job Search

Logically speaking, you have to set your job search goals on something before you go ahead and achieve them. If you struggle to define your goals, seek out a mentor or a job search coach to help you. Imagine your job search as a race and that winning is equivalent to achieving job success. If at the starting point you do not have the mindset or courage to win the race, it is obvious that you will not give it your best and yield when everything seems all but lost.

Compare that to someone who is courageous and has a strong motivation to win. Her chances of winning are so much greater simply because she will do whatever she can to surpass her own perceived limits, never quitting and always thinking of different ways to win.

You and your courage need to be one with each other. You really need to embrace the mindset, understand each other and be on the same page so that you can fight the battle together and not be torn in separate directions. Your courage demands a lot from you so being prepared for it puts you in a better position to succeed in your job search.

Your Courage and your Job Future

In the next 2 or 3 years, what are you willing to give up to accomplish your job goal? How many hours a day, how many days a week, and how many missed vacations, missed and unattended parties are you willing to give? Where do you see yourself?

After you have answered those questions, remember your answers and write them down. How your courage and drive relates to and enables your goal will determine your job future. Just having the simple thought of being successful won’t get you there. The simple thought of working harder than everyone else you know, however, will. I am not suggesting mind numbing 12 hour online job search days (I’ve previously blogged many times about being smart in your search and using your time wisely), just courageous, ambitious and well organised job searching with the right strategy and tools to ensure that you get job interviews. Contact me if you want assistance. Quote “Courage2016” and we will give you a 15% discount on any of our Coaching Packages to help you to achieve your goals faster.

Job Searching with Courage Today

To accomplish your long term job goals you need to be focussed, ambitious and, yes, courageous.  The last thing you need to be right now is lazy or take short cuts. This isn’t the time to not check your emails after 5 or worry about where you’re going to party this weekend. Your discipline and courage will only take you as far as the changes you make in your life every day.

There will be highs and there will be lows but this is what you signed up for by setting yourself a job search goal.

Embrace your courage and passion as you pursue your goal. Let your courage fuel you to be the best. Prove the world wrong. Never ever settle for mediocrity and rely just on your talent or experience. I know as I’ve seen it time and time again with my own clients that hard work beats talent anytime!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started and remember to hunt wisely!