Meet Melony dos Remedios

Melony dos Remedios is the Fitness Services Director 

for Anytime Fitness Australia

Melony’s day gig is one of the best jobs in the world.  She designs and delivers the everyday marketing for over 260 fitness clubs. Her marketing insights and experience fuel their own drive toward achieving their outcomes. By and large, our members are self-starters. They don’t require large servings of external motivation. They don’t require huge amounts of external support. They find what they need from with-in. They know what they want and, usually with our initial help, they know how to achieve their goals. It’s simple, really. “At Anytime Fitness, my mission is to help people thrive through a fit and active lifestyle,” says Melony.

Melony is also a regular consultant and speaker at industry and corporate events, assisting individuals and companies to achieve life balance, healthy lifestyles and  staff engagement to drive greater results and loyalty.

Question 1: Who are you, and why should I read your rants and raves?

Answer: I’m hooked on movement and mindset. I’ve spent the last 20 years helping people feel better and achieve their lifestyle goals. Ask me anything on the subject and you will get some passionate insights and help.

Question 2: Can you break down your location and what you do for a living?

Answer: I live in Melbourne near Prahran, with my amazing husband and my ‘way too cute for her own good’ daughter. We’re in an old Victorian rental house (we moved from Bondi 3 years ago). We do miss the beach, but we love the culture, cafes and coffee in Melbourne. I am a fitness industry veteran and Fitness Services Director for Anytime Fitness Australia. I am at my best in front of people, creating, motivating, coaching, training and inspiring people to make the changes that matter most in their lives.

Question 3: List three of your favourite books to tickle and enlighten your readership.  


Question 4: I’m not that into lots of reading. Can you recommend some useful apps instead?  


  • The Habit Factor: Breaks down your goals into digestible chunks and charts your progress along the way
  • Anytime Health: Great tool for Anytime Fitness members to track calories and plan workouts!
  • Gratitude Journal: A great way to stay positive by documenting those things that matter the most. Gratitude is the key to happiness they say.

Question 5: What was your first car and what did it say about you? 


Honda Civic

My first car was a Honda Civic. It was passed down from my big sister, it had lots of rust throughout earning it the name “rust bucket”. It was a manual – the gears got lots of grinding! It was a great starter vehicle and I was mighty proud to own my first car. It enhanced my freedom and confidence and improved my opportunities – similar to my life changing fitness job.