How To Score Nearly 100% Acceptance with Your New LinkedIn Connection Requests

Thank You! I guess I got your attention. Well first, let’s agree on one thing up front.  Sending out blind cold LinkedIn Connection Requests are NOT — and, I repeat — NOT what professional networking or social selling is all about.   Sending out an automated “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” is not only lame, it also sends signals that you are not that genuine after all. Read more

7 Simple Steps to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Invitation

Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or you’re an All Star Power user, if you intend to connect with new people on LinkedIn make sure you come across like a professional – not a stalker or spammer. Here is How. Read more

Social Media Profiling & Job Hunting – Get with It – Or Get Out

Nearly half of our job hunting and career changing clients believe social media and candidate profiling is not relevant to their job search activities. For the non-believers here are the top reasons why you are not getting the job after you have been “checked out” on social media. Read more

The BEST HACKS That Keep Your Job Search Private Everywhere Including LinkedIn

We get calls every day from candidates who have simply ‘had it’ with their current job or boss, but don’t know how to keep their job search private online, on LinkedIn or otherwise. Read more

What Your Potential Employer Can Find Out About You!

Believe it or not, prospective or potential employer (s)  have access to more information online than you expect and many will “Check You Out” before you’re even offered a job.
Read more

When is it ok to lie on your resume?

I regularly hear the job hunter excuse “but everyone lies or exaggerates”. Well, there is truth in this. So, the real question then, is which lies do hiring managers and recruiters actually accept on your resume? Read more

Six signs that your online networking skills suck

Everyday, you and thousands of job hunters and professionals network online, but very few actually observe the basics to secure valuable and lasting connections or opportunities that can bring new business or a new job. Read more

10 silly email signature mistakes highlighting to recruiters you’re OLD SCHOOL

Almost every email sent from your mobile, tablet, laptop or even the old fashioned desktop contains an email signature of some sort. And some are weird, some are funny – some are shocking. Read more

How to Ace Your Skype Job Interviews

You are an interview veteran. You’ve charmed and impressed hiring managers, recruiters and even whole panels with your personality and spot-on answers. In a nutshell, you’re a confident son of a bitch and you know that you’ll walk into any interview and leave with a new job offer. Surprise!! Your invitation for the 1st job interview is this time on Skype or Google Hangout. Ooops… Read more

3 Job Exit Strategies to Turn Ex-employer(s) Into Your Best References

Choosing to quit your job and joining the competition can be a risk, but one made easier if you join a competitor in an industry where you already have knowledge, connections and credibility. In that sense, the company you’re leaving can become a key asset and even your best references in your new career – if you exit properly – or an obstacle to your success if you burn bridges. Read more