Meet Peter Snell

Peter Snell is the Executive Director of Stirling Henry Global Migration, a specialist immigration firm that has been helping corporations and individuals navigate the complex Australian immigration system for more than 20 years.

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Turning adversity into prosperity – the power of courage.

Guest Editor : Allan Sparkes CV, VA Inspirational Speaker, Author – The Cost of Bravery

Job Seeking is a very lonely affair. Isolation, loneliness and depression are common side effects of a job seeker’s day, particularly for those candidates who have been on the hunt for more than 6 months. I regularly receive personal emails from Job Seekers who ask me to address this  unspoken and uncomfortable subject in my blog.

I am very honoured and proud to introduce you to an expert in this area, a real Australian hero and Ambassador for


Allan Sparkes offers great insight, advice and encouragement on adversity and his guest contribution is far better than anything I could ever pen for you. I encourage you to read his guest blog post and his book, and if you find this contribution valuable or if you know of a friend or co-worker who is suffering from depression or adversity as a result of recent job loss, please share it.  Read more

When the writing is on the wall – Redundancy and other worries ….

Getting the flick in today’s job market is not uncommon and it affects almost every profession and industry. It can be like being evicted from your home in a storm. The horrific head winds facing job seekers today will make finding shelter with a new employer all the harder.
I am a big advocate of loyalty to your employer but sometimes you have to read the signals and work out if you should stick around to fight the battle or get the hell out of there on your own terms. There are many signals that may show you if you are likely ‘on the list’, so learn to read the signs to figure out when it’s time to bail and stabilise your career. Read more

Meet Roger Gray

Roger is an experienced MD in the  FMCG and Print Media Marketing industry and one of the industries key thinkers on the subjects of Leadership, Change Management and Supply Chain Optimisation. Roger works for organisations with large and complex supply chains as an expert on adoption of Culture & Human Resource methodologies and not to forget a damn fine manager. Roger has recently started blogging about Recruitment, Leadership, Change Management and Supply Chain Optimisation related issues.  He’s a contributor to the editors at thedyslexicjobseeker (TDJS) and various Industry forum groups such as LinkedIn and the Logistics Association of Australia (LAA). Roger also hosts various speaker and consulting events with the Contributors at TDJS. Check him out on LinkedIn.  Not up to speed in the social media game? Reach out via [email protected].  Roger has an MBA from the University of Melbourne  and a Masters of Business in Integrated Logistics from RMIT.  He also earned his stripes at the Institute of Directors in New Zealand and as Operations Manager for the Sydney Olympic & Paralympic games in 2000. Not enough yet? If you want to know more about Roger   Read more

Tackling the Talent Shortage – get out of the City

by Guest Editor Scott Butler, Butler HR

Industry trends, such as big data and cloud computing, crowd–sourcing and all the other new buzz word solutions have arrived for a while now and regional and rural areas are not immune to the effects at an enterprise or small – medium business level. These effects are fuelling the demand for IT skills, sales & marketing skills and many other specialised trade skills. While these trends have been on the horizon for some time, most businesses have failed to plan ahead and hire in advance. Read more