Twitter is not a Social Networking Job Portal – It’s a Media Platform

Here are three insights and a number of useful tips to help you to utilise Twitter effectively if you want to tweet for jobs or use Twitter for your career networking.

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Your LinkedIn Photo – HOW TO GET IT RIGHT

Your Photo is one of the 1st items a Recruiter or Hiring Manager will see when they view your LinkedIn Profile. I have 3 simple steps to ensure that you get it right.  Read more

Are you made to work for a Not-for-Profit?

I am frequently approached by my clients on whether they should leave the corporate world and make the leap from the for-profit to the not-for-profit world.

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Job Fairs Do’s and Don’ts

Have you been to a Job or Career Fair lately? Well they are all coming up again in a town near you and there are usually some good job opportunities to discover if you come prepared and do the right thing.

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It’s TimeTo Update Your Profile!

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to update your LinkedIn profile. It’s your opportunity to be noticed so start on these 6 updates to fix it up.

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Are you dizzy from all the buzzwords?

They are everywhere.  Jargon du jour or Buzzwords tend to pop up incessantly and often when you least want to hear them.  You’re not alone, others don’t want to hear them either!  I have 3 useful references to help keep your communication jargon free. Read more

500 LinkedIn Connections and still alone!

Do you find yourself regularly checking your email or the LinkedIn web site for messages? Do you feel that the next message may be the one for your big career jump or company sale? Have you lost count of your connections I have 4 important check-ups to help you assess your situation. Read more

Job Search Alternatives for Job Worriers

Handling bad job news is not easy. How should you deal with the negative broadcasts around you and are there other alternatives to secure your job or find new work?

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10 ways to get your emails noticed

Email is the universal business communication tool, yet so many emails go straight to the trash or remain unopened. I have 10 easy tips to ensure your name in the ‘from’ field becomes a stress reducer for your clients, colleagues and even your recruiter or hiring manager if you are job seeking.


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How to be an Online & Mobile Video Star

Webcams are everywhere including your mobile phone and they bring great video capability to anyone with a computer or handheld mobile device.  I have 10 Tips on how you can turn your video session into a great experience so you can get the deal, nail the meeting or score your next job. Read more