When job hunting chews up your mojo (and 8 ways to get motivated)

Let’s be honest, for most job hunters it’s a tough game out there. While many job seekers feel like they’re powerless to change their situation, the feeling of hitting brick walls while looking for that next professional gig doesn’t have to be a drainer on your mojo. Instead, here are some ways how you can recharge your job search “mojo” and reclaim your motivation.

# 1 Find your mission

What gets you excited about work? Motivated and enthusiastic people on a “mission” are perceived as more creative and more energetic, and it’s infectious. Thoughts and attitude control emotions and behaviour. So it follows that the behaviour of a job hunter with a clear mission becomes more dynamic than someone dragging their feet.

# 2 Work smarter, not harder

Don’t panic by sending your CV to every single job you come across. In the long run, you‘re wasting time.

Instead target more appropriate jobs and take your time to write a job-specific cover letter and attach a proper resume. It may take longer or it may cost you a bit of money, but it shows how motivated you are and also raises the chances of getting your resume noticed.

# 3 You don’t need a job to get a job!

There’s no career requiring you to have an employer before you get hired. If you want to be an interior designer, then start designing! If you always dreamed of running a sugar plum bakery, start baking and selling to friends and contacts for weddings and baby showers.

My friend Brigit combined her sales and marketing experience with her passion for pastry and desserts. While your recipes can never be too perfect, you can never have too many great testimonials that speak for your skills and experience.

# 4 Easy never works

Try something that makes you a little bit uncomfortable. Whether it’s meeting one new person a week at a sports club or volunteer group, attending networking events, starting an evening class, or contacting someone in the field you’re hoping to break into by setting up an informational interview.

If you need motivation, come to one of our free Pro Bono Job Hunter events. Meet interesting people, learn something new, discover opportunities and spruik up your job application tools and skills.

# 5 Flirt with employers instead of jobs

If you keep looking for a job instead of an employer, you’ll have a lousy job-hunt, and likely end up with a job you don’t love. Quit talking to employers who don’t float your boat and start flirting with the ones that really get you motivated.

Create a list of the top 10 dream companies each month. Contact them with an explanation of why you love them and what value you could bring to their organisation.

# 6 Break the rules and go rogue

This leads on from my point number three. Who says that you always need a job ad to apply for a job? Here are two inspiring examples of people landing jobs by breaking the rules:

Andrew Horner got creative with a unique Reverse Job Application and advertised the opportunity to have him work for employers through his own site. After promoting himself as a complete package he sat back and watched the applications roll in.

Copywriter Ash Ambirge sent 30 companies a single roofing tile inscribed with the words “My Company + Your Company = sales through the roof.” Nearly all of the responders became ongoing clients within a year.

 # 7 Turn off your computer

The Hidden Job Market is not a myth, but it’s not on your computer.

Job-hunting no longer has to be 10 hours of sifting through online job boards. If you’re not enjoying the job-hunt carousel, your excuses for staying on it are running out.

Stop wasting hours on the laptop and take back control of your day. Start cruising the real world for connections. Where do people who could give you your dream job hang out? What do they do for fun? Go to a class related to your field of work, or join a group on Meetup.com.

At the end of every week, create a new job search schedule for the forthcoming week. At the end of each day, check off everything you accomplished and add extra tasks or disruptions. Identify the time hacks that should be eliminated and celebrate your success.


 # 8 Be kind to yourself

You need to look after yourself physically in order to keep your job search motivation at peak levels.

Take regular down time to do some fun things.


Commit to a healthy diet and add some form of exercise to your daily schedule. You’ll feel better and you’ll look better.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up when you don’t hear back from companies.

Try and keep perspective. Think about what is most important to you.

Sooner, rather than later, you WILL secure that job.

Get organised, put these steps into practice and find your mojo.  Oh and while you search, remember to hunt wisely!


If you have any other suggestions, how to get The Mojo back, comment or share them here or simply share the blog with other job hunters who could use a bit of inspiration.