I hate my job. Does that sound familiar?…


So You hate your job?.. You are one of many people who spend 40 or more hours a week in jobs they can’t stand. Having to complete work we dread, helping colleagues we loathe or dealing with bosses who are driving us mad can be enough to make any of us miserable. Maybe you have muttered I hate my job under your breath at work. Maybe you have even said it while venting your frustration with your friends. So, what are you doing about it?


I believe part of simplifying your life is finding meaningful and fulfilling work. That doesn’t necessarily mean working at a not for profit organization, but it also does not have to mean that you work yourself into a ‘hate‘ affair while you have a job. Unfortunately for most of us quitting isn’t an option and so we need to find ways through the “I hate my job!” moments to move ourselves to more enjoyable work situations


I have a few tips to help you to improve your situation . Learn how to survive at a job you hate, how to get through it without hurting your career, and what you can do to not hate your job.

Enjoy the video blog  and If you have any suggestions, insight, tips or personal recommendations, share them here in the blog. And if you are job searching in the meantime, remember

to hunt wisely!